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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-06-11
Last Update: 2009-03-28 File Type: Plop
Views: 10810 Category: Mods - Transport
Last Downloaded: 2023-06-01 Downloads: 14699


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The GLR Tram Mod is an extended, modified and enhanced version of the original Light Rail Mod, created by daeley and mikeseith. There are four different tram stations included for each set. Each tram station has a different color (blue, green, red and yellow), which spawns tram automata of the same color. With this setup, it's possible to create four different tram lines in one city by using a specific tram station color along each line. There are three sets:

- regular GLR stations (3x1 tiles)

- regular GLR-avenue stations (2x2 tiles)

- GLR-avenue roundabout stations (2x2 tiles)

The GLR-avenue stations are new. The regular GLR stations have not changed from the previous version published on SimCityPlaza and SC4Devotion in 2007. They differ from the original version published on Simtropolis and SimsZone in 2005, though. If you are still using this old version, please remove it from your plugins folder in order to avoid malfunctions. Note: If you build railway tracks parallel to the GLR tracks, it is possible that trams are showing up on these tracks as well. This is something that cannot be helped, so try to avoid building these two networks too close to each other.

The GLR tram stations work the same as the in-game el-rail stations and will also be visited by regular el-trains. Depending on the el-train skin that is installed, this mixture between el-trains and trams is probably unwanted, so a controller file is included (BSC_SFBT_glr_light_rail_no_el-train_automata.dat), that supresses the in-game el-train automata completely. However, this is only a visual effect, the el-rail stations itself still function as normal, transporting commuters etc. If you have long stretches of el-rail, you may notice that they seem to be empty, but querying them with the route query tool will show you that they are used as before. Since the trams use the small green "track checker" model as a base, this one will be supressed as well - that shouldn't be an issue for most players, though.

All four tram vehicles can be used in "U Drive It" mode, too. To distinguish them from each other, the control panels are color coded with the respective tram color. When you installed the el-train automata supressor file, the UDI icon for the standard el-train that comes with the NAM will be removed, too. If your build railway tracks parallel to GLR tracks, it is possible that the UDI trams are showing up on these tracks as well. In this case, quit the UDI mode with pressing [ESC] and try it again. Attention: Please also note the hints in the "Compatibility" paragraph of the readme file, otherwise errors may occur, and the mod might not work as intended!

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

- Network Addon Mod April 2008 version
- SFBT Essentials July 2008 version

Updated to fix TE bug in the GLR-in-Avenue Stations, added high capacity plugins


desa0510 grazie 2013-12-27
hilman Thanks.... 2013-10-05
Stringer Nice job! 2012-12-01
rjamesp thanks! 2012-08-11
O.Kosh Nice work! 2011-12-30
crotalusco Love the look of these and the color options, but the other two models need a high capacity fix 2011-12-13
tarmiji thanks 2011-11-10
Gurning_Chimp I love the fact that you can come up with your own lines, however in UDI you can\'t drive the trams through the stations 2011-10-07
Reasondude idk will it work 2011-09-29
jayguum loved it 2011-08-23
simbenfica great mod 2011-02-04
gecko001 these are excellent stations;the high capacity plugins for the regular in-avenue stations are very nice; wish there were high-capacity dat files for the roundabouts. good work! 2010-07-27
MrKevin1a I like this mod as an ad on to the one in the NAM, because of the colour coding. It is so much more realistic to have to think out lines, than to have the game come up with them itself and have all the trains look alike. 2010-05-01
Andreas @Warrior5: Just download the current version from the LEX. All new versions are backward compatible, of course. 2009-12-14
Warrior5 does anyone know where to find the July essentials? 2009-12-13
KaiXi333 Thank you so much. I am greatful. 2009-12-08
masashi1997 2009-11-27
maximumevil every time i use GLR my game crashes. Is it because it cannot run on cracked games? 2009-10-04
kingk0ng Nice work! 2009-06-28
danielra96 these stations are awesome!! 2009-06-24
minaroo9 i saw a tutorial on youtube for the NAM mod 2009-05-23
MayorNathan I like it,but i\'m having a few glitches. Thank You! 2009-05-23
ccs this is sweet ive always wanted a tram system 2009-04-21
MelloHero Slight problem for me... nobody comes to them save those who live within a two-minute walk. Bus networks be damned; no one will use my trams except the neighbors and workers at the station. Plus it crashes now and then when trying to work with puzzle pieces, but that\'s hardly your fault. 2009-03-09
YouTubeHelp Its amazing, but when i build it. the game always get stucks, or falls out,also it crashed my game 2009-02-17
JeonJunho I wanted this file!!! 2009-01-29
Vulpine When I try to use the Avenue and Avenue Roundabout stations, the props (walls, people etc.) all show up but there are no ground textures (road/tracks) so they won\'t work. I have both dependencies and followed the readme instructions. Please help. 2008-10-31
idan800 this amazing but it is work in the game like bus station, why?!!? helppp meee!!! Andreas i love you! 2008-09-29
lacavin How to use the .exe for the Mac users? Sorry - newbie question probably... 2008-08-05
caspervg I needed these so badly, thanks a lot! 2008-07-29
yoshiisland2 Nice work! 2007-07-08
patfirefghtr thank you for these as now i can actuley have a good tram line ;-) 2007-06-14
mike Nice to see my trams and stations again...Thanks for sharing these here. 2007-06-13
NinjaRobotPirate Your work is amazing! 2007-06-13