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Creator: marcszar Upload Date: 2007-06-22
Last Update: 2007-06-27 File Type: Growable
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This BAT is now outdated- a new version with better lights, textures, and modeling is available here. This BAT is no longer maintained or supported, but it will continue to remain available for archival purposes.

This BAT is a somewhat accurate replica of the Lever House on Park Avenue in New York City. Five versions are included- growable and ploppable CO$$ lots, growable and ploppable CS$$ lots, and a landmark lot. All five versions will be installed into your plugins folder; simply delete any versions you don�t want from your plugins folder afterwards.

The Lever House, built in 1952 by the Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill architecture firm (of Sear's Tower fame), stands on Park Avenue in New York and is one of the most prominent early modernist glass-slab skyscrapers. Like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building across the street, the Lever House helped fan the spread of modernist glass-box skyscrapers across the major cities of the world.

See the readme for stats and other details.


(1) BSC Textures Vol 1 -For the lower courtyard textures
(2) BSC Mega Props D66 Vol 1 -For the hedges and flowers
(3) BSC Mega Props D66 Vol 2 -For the hedges and flowers
(4) Tree Models CPT No8 & CPT No9 -For the terrace trees


My thanks go to the BSC team for their constant support, advice, testing, and feedback as well as to everyone who offered advice and comments on this project in my SC4D BAT thread. Special thanks go to BarbyW for creating the plop lots and to Wouanagaine for sorting out the issues with the previous release.


wingbull NIIICEEEE 2010-12-17
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
DG123 love it 2009-09-21
royal Perfect 2007-12-15
JWUT Thank you! Modernism\'s original classic at last! 2007-07-07
Magnum_PI Great looking building Marc which will really help with my NYC region which I am currently attempting to make. 2007-07-02
skyjuice Thanks Alot .Love this! 2007-06-30
sebes This is an excellent bat, thanks for sharing and for all your time going into this! 2007-06-28
Saint Andrew It crashed my game too, as soon as I plopped it. 2007-06-27
marcszar mcarch- Please post as many details as possible in my SC4D BAT thread and I\'ll look into into. For what it\'s worth though, I just downloaded it from here and tried it ingame. I plopped and queried all three ploppable versions with no ill effects. 2007-06-26
mcarch I just tested the building in game... (ploppable CS2) I plopped it and my game crashed. I just thought I\'d let you know. 2007-06-26
mattb325 Fantastic work. This is a beautiful BAT 2007-06-24
Hydra Very nice Marcszar nice realistic details. 2007-06-24
mr.fusion Wow, this looks very realistic. How about a Mies-v-d-Rohe - Series? Thank You for sharing this pearl. 2007-06-24
Odainsaker A great BAT of a classic modern building definitely familiar to any architecture student! 2007-06-23
kwakelaar This is a very nicely made highrise, I especially like the base of this building. 2007-06-23
High5Tower I ploped it down took a look around its not overly big and I it. Looking forward to see it sprout up in my cities. Thank you 2007-06-23
ssin It is so great!!! 2007-06-22
Sim Shady excellent BAT! all your creations raise the standard of excellence in SC4 :) 2007-06-22
shinkansen1 Pretty short for Genesis, but it should do for the smaller cities in my region. 2007-06-22
Tarkus Very nice, Marc! Thanks! 2007-06-22
Glenni No more than 18-20 floors? great!that fits perfect for my cities then! 2007-06-22
marcszar Glenni- My version is 18 floors, counting the street-level lobby, plaza-level cafe, and windowless top maintenance floor. The real version is 24 floors, I think. 2007-06-22
Glenni Nice work , marc, how many floors is it by the way? 2007-06-22
delldimensions Excellent! I love the plaza at the bottom too! 2007-06-22
delldimensions Excellent! I love the plaza at the bottom too! 2007-06-22