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This is being uploaded with permission from sawtooth as he is working on an update.
Version 0.8 of Region Census by sawtooth
Region Census is pointed at a region folder and can report infomation about the cities in the region as well as generate region images. Region images can be saved as JPG or PNG formats and a thumbnail option is available as well.
Data that can be read and exported to CSV for importing into spreadsheet applications is: City Name, Mayor Name, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Population, City Funds and Tile Size (small, medium, large).
Images may be displayed in City Tile View, Traffic View (Rush Hour only), and be configured to show borders, city names and mayor names.
This version is still beta, but mostly complete.
Minor incompatibilies with some save game files may still exist, especially old save game files.


Naomi57 That was fun! I posted about it on Simtropolis, if you'd like to see. https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/758135-how-many-have-developed-all-cities/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1720811 2019-11-06
nightshadow666 Very very nice! First I had some problems with my custom big region (Greater Los Angeles Area) but SAMERTON THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your tip was very helpful! I patched the Region Census with the 4GB Patcher from the NAM tools. Now it works well. A whole region image of my somewhat 150 big city tile region is possible!!! Thank you everyone! 2015-10-14
woodnava want a handle even bigger region. thank (ex.30x30 large city tiles) 2015-08-01
Kimchii A new version of this would be awesome of course. I wish there was a way to make a night view of the whole region.. especially one with darknite~! 2015-05-24
samerton @janbiya: If you're having problems loading larger regions, try patching the Region Census .exe file with the 4GB Patcher. If you have the NAM, you can find it in Documents/SimCity 4/NAM Auxiliary Files/Tools/4gb_patch.exe. Simply run this exe and navigate to your Region Census.exe file. 2015-03-09
janbiya I know that it\'s very unlikely that another release of this tool will come out. But it would be amazing to be able to use it to get images of larger regions. 2014-03-06
thebagleboy When I try to open my region I get the following error. Any tips? \"Error loading region. [errno 13] Permission denied: \'c:<...>\\region\\city - new city (10).sc4\'\" 2013-01-18
thebagleboy When I try to open my region I get the following error. Any tips? \"Error loading region. [errno 13] Permission denied: \'c:<...>\\region\\city - new city (10).sc4\'\" 2013-01-18
LucarioBoricua Will later versions be prepared to handle even bigger regions? I have a really huge one, a modified Madagascar (51 x 28 km, roughly 13 x 7 large city tiles). For some reason the bottom left corner doesn\'t appear in the regional screenshot view. Also, I would like to be able to copy the city statistics to a spreadsheet, but the program doesn\'t let me do that. Can these features be addressed for the future releases? 2012-11-24
benzine Simply amazing thanks a lot! 2012-11-09
Bohz Simply amazing, thank\'s a lot! 2012-05-07
Enslaved Viking I have unzipping error: \"File Skipped unknown compressing method\" 2012-01-04
Enslaved Viking Thank you, (I had lost the name of this file and could find it - rediscovered in Simtropolis) - thanks again. 2012-01-03
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
Enlighthell if you get the \"simcity_1.dat\" error, do this: 1. Error Comes up 2. You closes the pop up but the program still is running 3. go to Edit>preferences(only option) 4. If you have the game were it should be then you type this: (C:\\Program Files\\Maxis\\SimCity 4 Deluxe) or just locate it. 5. DONE (this is due to the .exe looks for the .dat in a folder called \"simcity 4\" not \"simcity 4 deluxe\" etc 2011-10-22
jackhermanson It says simcity1.dat couldn\'t be found 2011-06-17
MsJinkles I\'m 99% sure this destroyed most of the cities in my region - the first time I ran SC4 after using this, I was greated with a region that 2/3rds of its cities gone without a trace. Avoid this thing like the plague. 2010-09-12
joshriddle577 Awesome awesome awesome! 2010-08-16
Anarcho-X Never mind what I said I understood 2009-09-13
Anarcho-X It only works with regions by Maxis because regions you create don\'t have a file named \'\'config\'\'. How do you create a bmp configuration file for a custom region? 2009-08-02
Death2 I can\'t get the setup.exe file to run in the zip, and if I try to manually extract the folder, it gives me the message, \"File skipped unknown compression method.\" 2009-07-28
top_dog It\'s saying it can\'t find simcity_1.dat :( I tried looking for said file for myself and couldn\'t find it either. Could anyone please help me find where it is - or if it\'s a download, could some one please direct to me to it? Thank you in advance. 2009-07-27
eldamo Have you tried doing what it tells you to? Otherwise, great program! 2009-03-26
NikoBellic2334 Theres something wrong with this program. It keeps giving me this message. http://s5.tinypic.com/ie09c8.jpg 2009-02-20
plaspow Very good Job!!! 2008-09-25
smarty218 Great program! This will really help my map uploads! 2008-04-03
abcvs Always wanted to know how you took zoomed out region shots... but was too afraid to ask... but then I did. XD 2007-12-19
dragonshardz HAH! found it! 2007-11-15
xxdita This is a really great tool. Makes it a lot easier to plan out your next gaming session. 2007-10-23
cleaner475 lovely! 2007-07-18
lasttry this program works fine for me,i really like the regional veiw with the shrink to fit feature...i can see the entire region without scrolling.thank you 2007-06-23