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Creator: jestarr Upload Date: 2007-06-24
Last Update: 2008-01-25 File Type: Textures
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Incorporated into BSC Textures Vol03


RainerZufall Why locked?? 2013-11-02
MainmainWeRX Thanks buddy ! 2013-08-16
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koshibrief muchas gracias 2013-04-10
koshibrief thanks 2013-04-10
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RCBEG ok thanks for the info 2012-09-07
gustavegen1985 thank 2012-08-07
soultaker gracias 2012-07-11
rezha13 please unlock 2012-06-21
sakichisa thank you 2011-12-09
cop.elektro Remember kids, read the comments: This is now a part of http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1806 -- get that instead 2011-11-03
cacad yay 2011-09-03
roninkaho I can't download, please unlock 2011-07-08
white_fx azzzzzzz 2011-06-01
white_fx azzzzzzz 2011-06-01
giggetto Thank YOU!!!!!!!!! 2011-05-20
riomantiri Locked...why..? 2011-05-03
PreLynMax Locked. Damn. 2011-04-23
Koenieboy997 *lot 2011-04-22
Koenieboy997 why can\'t i download this lock? 2011-04-22
hiro2ko Great! 2010-12-29
mikhpoer thanks.. 2010-12-24
mmboj THANK 2010-08-19
mmboj THANK 2010-08-19
zhou 2010-05-24
rama0402 thank u 2010-04-16
rivierattore gj!^^b 2010-03-19
rivierattore ^^b 2010-03-19
gustave1985 thank 2010-02-22
plai thanks 2009-12-30
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009-12-26
virtuafusion Thank you 2009-12-08
qewrygbf wow. i feel like an idiot. thanks madbaron 2009-09-04
qewrygbf why is it locked?? i needed it for the cam. 2009-09-04
NePox merci 2009-07-05
mrskeud LOL 2009-06-29
mrskeud merci 2009-06-29
mrskeud merci 2009-06-29
mrskeud merci 2009-06-29
aoishizuku89 thanks 2009-05-03
Wipiti Thank you ^^ 2009-03-13
Dadar Thank you :) 2009-03-13
TheMadBaron It says \"Incorporated into BSC Textures Vol03\", which is at http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1806 2009-02-22
Galdexis34 i need it D: 2009-02-01
bandar Locked... Very constructive thinking... 2009-01-22
texascool I cant find anywhere that will let me download this texture pack. help if anyone knows where to get this one please let me know. 2008-12-03
feelingshehides Thanks 2008-08-06
patfirefghtr ty 2007-08-02
icepeter Great ! Thank you ! 2007-06-30
Hydra Ah thats better thanks jestarr. Yes same as High5Tower just need to know how to use it. 2007-06-24
High5Tower Thank you for the updates. I have quiet the collection of your great creations.Ah the cleanitol, someday I will have to learn how to us it. Or maybe tech support can come out the the house. But again thank you for your great work. 2007-06-24