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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-06-30
Last Update: 2007-08-19 File Type: CAM files
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This file
now forms part of BSC Essentials.


Tarkus andrejoaquin: As per the description, the file has been merged into BSC Essentials, and as such, this one is now unnecessary. 2019-07-04
andrejoaquin Why its locked? 2019-07-04
AsimPika3172 Cam Essentials is now BSC Essentials! Oooh.... nice! 2018-04-04
Homie Lamar Just keeping track of downloaded dependencies. 2016-03-07
gunkz32 What the limitied accsess? When I try to download again this CAM ? 2015-11-05
koshibrief Thanks!! 2013-04-10
b30765 sdd 2012-11-21
b30765 x 2012-11-21
aghtet why is locked download??? Plz unlock 2012-09-19
ziikoxavi tu perra madre porque lo bloqueas 2012-08-22
PedrocifeR I noob THX !! XD 2012-08-16
isanb ko tidak bisa di download apa sudah di gabung sama BSCnya 2012-08-15
otheriscst1 gah it doesn\'t let me download 2012-07-22
ETAKES Thank you 2012-07-21
MA573R I search all other for this, I finally find it and the damn thing is locked. What is the point of having something to download on the website if the admin locks it?? Unlock the damn thing! 2012-07-07
DarthCupcake I NEEED THIS 2012-07-02
bob822 why is the download locked 2012-05-19
suhi2 Lot Download Locked by Administrator hah? 2012-04-27
shall awsome 2012-04-25
germanperez thanks 2012-02-07
Mikeiasu Thanks 2011-12-21
Daniieel -.- The link is Locked by Administrator? 2011-12-11
eIvAn13 putioooo 2011-11-26
ruumaikrai thank you very much 2011-08-02
minza Thank you 2011-07-13
Buhrp why 2011-04-28
anderscheese7 relax everyone this is part of BSC essentials! thats probly the easiest to find most standard download ever! just get the BSC essentials that it now says that its a part of. hope this helps. 2011-03-28
smf_16 How am I supposed to know what dependancies I have to look for? But most important, why is this locked without any explanation? 2010-11-04
leonefr thx~~ 2010-11-01
ptseong oh-oh-oh 2010-04-23
DALLAS890 =( 2010-03-19
captintanqueray come on people. READ THE LOT DESCRIPTION!! if you have brown boxes, go to the SCDevotion home page, click on the box towards the top of the page labeled \"BOXES\" and find the dependency files you need. also make sure you have both the .sc4lot and .sc4model files for buildings not displaying properly (you probably have the lot, but no model). quit installing plug-ins without first reading the instructions. 2010-03-02
Androz Unlock please 2010-02-03
MachinaeCity locked yet --\' 2010-01-05
Eun thank you 2009-12-27
Luckrecio unlock please 2009-08-26
Luckrecio unlock please 2009-08-26
Luckrecio unlock please 2009-08-26
babylonx88 unlock please 2009-08-24
kamison0013 japan 2009-08-13
SaLee japan 2009-07-13
er410520 .... 2009-06-21
PUSU ^^ 2009-06-16
bigornas why is lock please open it thank you 2009-06-06
kingBosko pls open it -.- 2009-05-29
matheus... HEY!!! I need this LOT!!! PLS UNLOCK!!! Whats wrong??? 2009-05-25
aqlec Lot Download Locked by Administrator 2009-04-07
aqlec Lot Download Locked by Administrator 2009-04-07
kkksima PLEASE UNLOCK 2009-04-03
kddiuzai PLEASE UNLOCK 2009-03-04
kddiuzai PLEASE UNLOCK 2009-03-04
TopGear69 WTF!!!WTF!! 2009-03-04
lol141 oh man i really need this. anyway its lock too bad 2008-12-14
skycity92 I need this file. PLEASE UNLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2008-12-08
idz How can I uninstall CAM from my computer. I\'m sick of getting all these brown boxes on my skyline. CAM sems like an interesting idea but if only half the files are present it probably should not have been released. Any ideas on how to uninstall? 2008-11-21
rn138 I need this too!!! 2008-10-11
yashior Lot Download Locked by Administrator.... 2008-10-02
Simtastica how do i download this? 2008-09-28
tokoharu thk 2008-09-12
tokoharu thk 2008-09-12
piersonbowling how would one get this file? 2008-08-31
skmsim08 Thank you!! 2008-08-20
nater can I download? 2008-08-17
f4upig Thank you very much ... 2008-08-17
f4upig Thank you very much ... 2008-08-17
dharock ...dont anyone get it??it wont be released!its now part of BS Essentials...if you download the latest BSC essentials youll get the CAM essentials to....the lot description has a link to the BSC essentials download... 2008-07-14
wiskyeye Comon release it already please!!!! lol just impatient sorry. GRRRR at least give us an update on eta or sumthin please!!! any info would help us to stop beating our heads against the keybaord wondering!!!! 2008-07-13
dharock oh..now i get it...LOL...i didnt realise that all u had 2 do was to download the BSC essentials file since this ones been added in the BSC essentials file download..LOL 2008-07-11
dharock im really looking forward to this super file...anyone knows when it will be downloadable again? 2008-07-11
coolyaboy Woooooooooo 2008-07-11
uzudu Hi, why Can\'it I donwload this nice file? Thanks in advance 2008-07-01
pjrocks Why? 2008-06-18
ntdm74 Thank you for all of the hard work you\'ve put into all of this 2008-06-07
asdf2580 a 2008-06-05
a127178213 123 2008-05-29
cv30968 88 2008-04-08
lonyice can i get iy? 2008-04-01
marisankomono thank you very much! 2008-04-01
s22394123 00 2008-03-19
s22394123 00 2008-03-19
jeronij added a link to the replacement file ;) 2008-03-16
e420 why is it locked i was looking forward to download it, when will it be up again? 2008-03-12
Ne0Que Great, no reason nothing... just locked... great... 2008-03-12
rikuyaZERO Lot Download Locked by Administrator 2008-03-08
xavius Lot Download Locked by Administrator 2008-03-04
rikuyaZERO ... 2008-03-04
alvarez Great Works 2008-02-26
jangyu Great Works 2007-11-04
bblubb CAM forever! And thank you all for the work you\'ve had to create it. 2007-09-26
oddball59 Thank you for all of the hard work you\'ve put into all of this 2007-08-17
patfirefghtr ty ty ty 2007-08-01
Mas71 At the time of the expectation, there are in the very front immediately of us!! 2007-07-03
Bengt Soon..very soon.. 2007-07-01
Webnut so i take it cam is nearly ready for a public beta or release? 2007-06-30
TheTeaCat This has been long awaited by many. Much thanks for all the effort and hard work done by you and the rest of the BSC team. I bought a bigger kettle to make you all tea! 2007-06-30
powerpill-pacman I\'m getting really exited... 2007-06-30