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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-07-03
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All the previous farms by BLS and BLS GA have been revised with new occupancy values and some changes to the lots. There are 35 farms all together with two that were previously stage 3 that are now stage 4. They will not grow without the CAM.
Please check you have all sets of BSC fields and all the files in the Essentials list as without them there will be brown boxes and/or farms growing without fields.
The dependency list is long as it covers all of the farms:
Essentials : without these you WILL have brown boxes and be missing the query
BLS Essentials - updated file included but please check you only keep the latest copy in plugins. It will be installed to the root of the plugins folder so if you have moved your copy elsewhere please ensure you remove the old one.
BSC Farm Fields CSX Vol01
BSC Farm Fields BLS
BSC Farm Fields SG Vol01
BSC Farm Fields SG Vol02
BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01
BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01
BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol01
BSC MEGA swi21 Vol01

BSC MEGA Props RT Vol01
CSX MEGA Props Vol01
NDEX MEGA Props Frogface Vol01
SG Homes Swedish Villas
SG Homes Small R$
SG RLS Cottages
SG Homes RLS Colonials
SG Plantation Villas
Country Mill
BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02
BSC SG Residentials Vol01
BSC SG Residentials Vol03
BSC Textures Vol 01
BSC Textures Vol02
Optional : without these the lots will look bare and boring
CSX MEGA Props Vol03
CSX MEGA Props Vol06
CSX Rural Waste Tech Plant
BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol01
PEG Xmas Development Kit


Tarkus idonthaveausername: Agreed. The message was contained in a LUA script in one of the dependencies (BSC Essentials), and I've just updated that file to remove it. 2022-06-08
idonthaveausername Unnecessary racism?? Some of the lot descriptions are things like "number of Asian migrant workers in the fields today." Huh?? Why do the workers have to be Asian? Why are there racist jokes in a city building game? At best its a crass attempt at "humor." And what the hell makes it necessary? 2022-06-06
Webnut Love all the lots but I wish they were on the deps tracker... 2017-06-08
kandi17 2013-09-13
Sky_walker Dependency hell. Next, please. 2013-03-18
blebell wonderful detail thank you 2011-09-23
river79423 Amazing 2010-01-29
Captian1978 What isw CAM 2007-12-01
mint111 Country Mill 2007-08-03
mint111 CPProps Pack vol 01 2007-08-03
Arkos barbyw, you are the largest one! :-) 2007-07-12
Mas71 Wow!! This is the collected studies of the agriculture!!I\'m always surprised in your PROPwork!!Thank you very much Barby san:) 2007-07-03
High5Tower I removed all the farms (only had 6) I left 3x3_BLS_GA_Pineapple Farm af67f655 becuase it wasn\'t on the list. Just need to pick up a couple of SG\'s stuff soon as the STEX comes back on line. Thank you for your through hard work. OK, back to the game! 2007-07-03
TheTeaCat Oh Superb.Thank you for so much effort in redoing these. I\'ll stick the kettle on as you certainly deserve a cuppa! Where do you find the time to do all this? 2007-07-03