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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-07-18
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This is a compilation set of 15 small 1x1 commercial service lots from BLS and are BSC Tracking Enhanced or "BTE". This will allow them to be used to trigger various Reward lots, as well as provide helpful information in game. They are TRIGGER LOTS and a MUST HAVE for the BSC Reward Chain.
They have all been previously available elsewhere and have no changes to the originals.
These are all 1x1 Hawkers and Fleamarket style lots that have 7-10 jobs.
BSC Essentials
BSC MEGA Props gascooker Vol01
BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol01
BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol01
BSC MEGA Props SG Vol01
BSC MEGA Props W2W Vol01
Porkie Props vol01


sejr99999 thank much appreciated 2010-05-06
Lana 10/10 2007-10-08
Hydra Nice one 2007-07-22
gfthukl Super Arbeit, sowas hab ich gesucht ! 2007-07-22
jacqulina excellent thankyou 2007-07-18
KyNYC Thank you! 2007-07-18
High5Tower Wow! These are great little additions, very much needed.Thank you 2007-07-18