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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2007-07-20
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 10184 Category: Parks - Eye Candy
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A set of two lots that produce train automata. One produces freight trains and the other produces passenger trains. These were requested by a SC4D member. Both lots have custom icons made from the two above pictures and will appear in the Rail Menu.

Dependency: Rail Signal Lots by StrangiatoTheme https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/18168-railroad-signal-lots/

This download is required for the signal prop that is used on the lots. Without it, they will appear empty.

INSTALLATION: Simply extract the DAT to your Plugins folder.

UNINSTALLATION: Simply delete the DAT from your Plugins folder.


RobertLM78 Excellent idea, nice simple implementation. Does exactly what it advertises. Thank you! B) 2017-09-16
RobertLM78 Excellent idea, nice simple implementation. Does exactly what it advertises. Thank you! B) 2017-09-13
ldxsimcity Thanks so much!!!!! 2013-04-30
suhi2 thank you! 2012-01-12
tarmiji thanks 2011-12-12
rihenceprodyteza chido 2011-11-29
SHABINDIGO The passenger train generator works for me; the freight one doesn\'t. 2010-04-27
Tenzwood awsum 2010-01-08
legoman888 GOOD TUCKER 2009-12-27
IDK AWSOME 2009-10-26
MayorNathan Very Good 2009-05-25
Theirishnintendonerd Exelent for any cj :D 2008-09-07
jacqulina thankyou excellent work 2007-10-16
Darmok Swamper this is fantastic, thanks a LOT! 2007-09-19
Serkanner Very clever and very usefull! 2007-08-27
bkballa4790 EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!! 2007-08-27
ill tonkso Im like a dog attached to your leg right now. To rude? :p 2007-08-07
Batman5 Your the greatist this makes my city rock. 10/10 2007-07-30
Batman5 Very good this the best ever, they should had be for they ever made this game. 10/10 2007-07-22
Artman94 thank you so much you saved my rails from collecting dust yay! 2007-07-22
SusanMarie1956 At last, a way to make the railroads look busy as they go through the countryside. Thank you! 2007-07-22
Cockatoo Woah, about time someone made this! Thanks! 2007-07-21
Swamper77 Anyone who is looking for a specific generator type, I have a thread in my Garage subsection of the BSC Section of the forums. There, you can make the requests for specific generators. 2007-07-21
bwatterud Very nice! 2007-07-21
FromTheAshes Great, can you also make boat generators? That would be very cool as well. 2007-07-21
Godzillasam is this compatible with custom automa 2007-07-21
shinkansen1 Elleson\'s reality will skyrocket with these. 2007-07-21
DiversiBruh Truly a must download. Is there some way of creating the same type of thing for El-Rail, Monorail and even automata like trucks, planes, buses, ships and people? I send my deepest thanks for this and all of your creations which I employ the use of in my cities. 2007-07-21
mjig_dudy Awesome! This is exactly what i need, thank you! 2007-07-21
Ennedi Thank you very much, it will be a great help for MD makers! 2007-07-21
snickm3081 Thanks so much for making this happen. Very appreciated! 2007-07-20
ky72x This will be very useful! Thanks! 2007-07-20
Glenni ooo, thank you! 2007-07-20
KyNYC OMG!!!!! FIERCE!!!!! THank you!! 2007-07-20