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Started by Fasan, September 27, 2014, 01:34:28 AM

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Country information

Current population: approximately 6 000 000

Language: Krokanisch

Type of state: Parliamentary monarchy

Founding year: in March 1517 by King Karl I.(Habsburger)


After 1556 King Karl I withdrew, the Krokania of the country was divided between the spanish and the austrian line of Habsburgs. Through the increased scope, the country became embroiled in costly wars with France, the Netherlands and England. The english influence was an important trade city Stamforth the capital and royal seat and Andover so far that some localities were given english names, among other things. Through the influence of english, the "golden Age" began for Krokania. The trade with England and its overseas territories brought enormous upswing in the country, even though the cities of Stamforth and Andover were firmly in english hands.

The storm by the spanish army 1594 ended the golden age of Krokanias. There followed a period of long-lasting descent. 1700 the last Habsburg King Charles II without successor died, the nephew of the french King Philip of Bourbon succeeded.

Napoleon, who took the reign in France after the french revolution, conquered Spain and Krokania and used as a King in Spain, as well as Krokania his brother Joseph.

After defeating Ferdinand VII. was reinstated against Napoleon as King of Spain. He reigned with strict absolutism. Economic recession and political instability were the result. Spain lost a large part of its overseas possessions and influence in Krokania in the 19th century. He bequeathed the land to the line to the Princes of Saxe-Coburg Apaţa. France took over the country administratively, after an agreement with the Rosenau.

Since then, Krokania is a bone of contention between France and Spain. Both Kingdoms erhebten claim to the Land.

Krokania in Spain was annexed by the nationalists under General Francisco Franco. Krokania could be kept out of the second World War, but his military dictatorship still resulted in political and economic isolation. After the end of the second World War, Krokania was again at the center of two states, France and Spain.

In 1947, the Krokania question could be clarified by the concordat between Spain, France and the Vatican, as well as by the base agreement with the United States. France and Spain will take over the government administration. Thus, it was a double rule in Krokania.

France saw Krokania as his territory, what to diplomatic resentment in Spain led. By a referendum (indexed by the Spanish Royal family) was reinstated the descendants of Rosenau 1990 as King. Spain, France and the United States agreed in 1994 to dismiss Krokania as Krokanien in the independence and both countries renounced its claim to territory.

State independence: since 1994

National defence: up to 1997 France, bases of the United States and France, their own army

Religions: Roman catholic 57% / Protestant 34%

Location: Southwest Europe on the Atlantic Coast "Gulf of Biscay"

Limits: To France and Spain, Atlantic

Mountains: Pyrenees

Highest Mountain: Vignemale 3 298m

Capital: Stamforth

Membership organisations:

Krokanien is a member of the following international organisations:

United Nations (since 28.Juli 1994), UNESCO, the World Organization World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) for Intellectual Property (WIPO) since 17 October 1994, Council of Europe (since 10 November 1994), Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) (since April 24, 1996), Weltgesundheitsorganisation(who) (since 7 January 1996), Welttourismusorganisation(UNWTO) (since 18 February 1996), International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (November 12, 1994), European Broadcasting Union (EBU) (until November 2011),, Consejo de Cooperación Aduanera (CCD), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), Interpol, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (IFRCS), International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Criminal Court, observer status at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Special Feature:

EFTA Member states as well as in the Schengen Agreement.

Diplomatic relations:

Krokanien maintains diplomatic relations with all european countries, as well as other countries. Embassies and others in Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin and Lisbon. Diplomatic missions are located in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe, in Geneva for the United Nations agencies, in New York at the United Nations Headquarters, as well as for the resident international Organizations in Vienna.


Krokanischer $ / 1KD = €1.1055


Natural resources are coal, granite slate, fluorspar, salt, copper and tin. agriculture by livestock, potato cultivation, grain, wine, among other things, chemical industry, heavy metal industry, services and finance, tourism on coast and winter sports in the mountains. In addition, the sale of generated electricity to the neighboring Spanish region of Catalonia, and France is a significant source of income.

Education System:

It includes a krokanisches denominational system. The financing is whether the krokanischen State.
The school attendance rate of 100%. education is compulsory up to the age of 16 Years. The school system consists of pre-school, primary and secondary school - the High School. The educational system includes also the vocational training and adult education. In addition, there are Universities of applied Sciences and the "Universities of Stamforth", the "Technical University of Andover", the "Medical University Bescan" and "University Krokania".

Social system:

The protection of the social system is the state.
Hedging of risks as a result of unemployment, professional and disability, accident, illness, age and other social issues.
So, a non-contributory medical treatment is entitled to every citizen of Krokanien.
Cooperation of the social partners, which is expressed in the joint financing of the contributions to the pension, health, care, and unemployment insurance.

Major cities:

Stamforth: 600 000 inhabitants, Andover: 120 000 inhabitants

State flag:

National animal: Pheasant (Fasan)

Public holidays:

14-16 June the Royal Holidays, Anniversary of the Birth of the King and Queen.
August 10 Independence Day, September 3 Day of the People, Whitsun, Easter, Christmas, New Year, and Man Day, International Women's Day, 30 November Day Religion


Videos by Master Silver about Krokanien:

SimCity 4 cities lights sea:

Sim City 4 night Trailer:

Sim City 4 Deluxe Trailer:

Pictures from Krokanien

A Landscape portrait of

Bescan, a city in Krokanien









































Fasan  ;)


Firstly, yes this is not the right place to post about your city like this. The "show us yours..." are here so you can post pictures of your airport, seaport, night view etc in each specific threads. What you want is to start an MD in the Recently Published section. Hopefully a moderator will come and move your topic. I just realized I have the rights to do it. Welcome to your new place, the recently published board!   &apls

Your pictures are excellent though. A very high quality in landscaping rural and urban areas, I like it. I like the sixth picture a lot.  :thumbsup:
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It`s good to see you back in Action.I always loved your Krokanien RP on Simforum.
That`s some great work there and i`m still kinda jealous about your MMP Skills,they really are awesome &apls
Keep up the good work,hope to read you soon.

Chris W.


Fantastic pictures! The way you tie the urban environment together with MMPs is outstanding!  &apls 

Looking forward to more!  :thumbsup:
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Good to see you here!  :thumbsup:

Like always - fantastic pictures, the stuff someone can sink in for hours.  &apls &apls &apls


I better stop playing ...

Man, this is FANTASTIC  &apls &apls &apls

And this picture, no words!


wonderful work!!!!!  &apls  Everything looks fantastic!!


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wow, beautiful beautiful pics ,Fasan  :thumbsup:
Welcome to ALFERRID(UPDATE 5-District C)
And my other pics at SimCityChina:click here


Great start to your MD, I especially love the waterways they look very real life   &apls
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I want to thank you all very much.
Please forgive me that I write a little, because I have to translate everything. But pictures say more than 1000 words.

Landscape around Bescan and military airport



















Click Me



















Fasan  ;)


Great to see that you have decided to publish your work here. :)
Now I will be able to comment more easily.
I'm absolutely fascinated by your work and I think is one of the best ever &apls

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Fantastic work on the airbase. All the details are there, from custom PALS to custom ILS... Nice!

One remark though: You have named your runway 36 L and 18 R ... It should have been 36R and 36L (360° Left and Right from the aiming point) while at the other end of the runway 18L and 18R (180° Left and Right ( 360-180° ))... just a little detail as your base is extremely well detailed... (I also don't see any PAPI or VORDME.)

Nice work though, the rural town is well done! 
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Wooooh. Too much beautiful pictures at one time... The MMP's, the rivers, the city... everything looks at the perfect place.

But the most perfect thing in my opinion is the suroundings of your train station with railtracks, warehouse and factories... It's totally realistic. Well done.  :thumbsup:


Quote from: Kergelen on September 28, 2014, 03:13:39 AM
Great to see that you have decided to publish your work here. :)
Now I will be able to comment more easily.
I'm absolutely fascinated by your work and I think is one of the best ever &apls

I couldn't say it any better. I would actually complain that this is too much awesomeness for one update though  :D  Please continue! +1  ;)


Ich bin offenbar nicht genug auf Simforum gewesen denn dies. Ist. Ganz. Einfach. SUPER!  &apls

Ich kann nur wünschen, ich hatte solche Skills! Am besten gefällt mir die Übergänge zwischen SAM-Straße und MMP-Weg, z.B. auf Bild 28, aber generell die MMP-Pfade (und eben genereller gefällt mir denn alles, was in den Bilder mit MMP:s gemacht ist ;)). Ich kann mich sogar nicht vorstellen, wie Du sie so sanft gemacht hast. Sind die von dem RRP-Projekt?

Wenn ich kritisch werden solle, finde ich, dass eine gestreichelte RHW-2-Mittellinie auf Bild 28 und 29 besser ausgesehen hatte. Aber das hängt ja natürlich davon ab, welches Land man als Vorbild hast.

Und auch eine kleine Detail: Wo ich wohne sind Industrie und besonders ältere Wohnhäuser von einander stark getrennt. Ich weiß doch nicht, wie sich dies im übrigen Europa oder im übrigen Welt verhält.

Auf ganzem echt tolle Bilder also und ich freue mich sehr auf weiteren zu sehen!

EDIT: Es gab schon mehr! :o

In english:
I've obviously not been enough to Simforum as this is just amazing!

I can only wish I had such skills! I like most the transitions between SAM-road and MMP-way, e.g. on figure 28, but generally the MMP-paths (and even more generally everything in with MMP's ;)). I can not even imagine how you have done them so smooth. Are they from the RRP project?

If I was to be critical, I find that a stroked RHW-2 centerline had looked better on picture 28 and 29. But of course that depends on which country you have as a model.

And also a little detail: Where I live, industry and in particular older houses are strongly separated from each other. I still do not know how this is in the rest of Europe or in the rest of the world.

Really great pictures and I'm looking forward to more!

EDIT: There already was more! :o
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Wow, that's a stunning update   &apls
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Indeed very impressive!
So much detail in every image, there is no end in describing it. I just look and look....  :o


Another  :o and  &apls

Also pleased to spot one of my lots in #48!  ()stsfd()

Keep those pictures coming!  :thumbsup:

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Nice work on the air force base.  I suppose the brick apartment-like buildings are housing for the airmen, right?  Of course, the surrounding area with its interwoven fields and buildings looks quite nice, too.

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