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Phoenix Project - 20 years SC4 Challenge

Started by Guest, August 03, 2016, 07:47:09 AM

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I'm enjoying where this is going, 000.  :thumbsup:  That lodge on the cliff's edge at the end of the winding road at Creek Neliah looks like it has a nice crowd parked there.  I can't blame them; it looks like a beautiful area!

Of course, I like the snow in Höreinn very much as well.  The falling snow in the second pic is a lovely bonus.
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Check out the Noro Cooperative.  What are you waiting for?  It even has electricity.
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Here are some rural power lines.


Brilliant winter pictures. MOAR from this MD!



Hello everyone,

Tonight a short 13-minute video to show the construction of a river. I made this video because the previous one was too accelerated. There is nothing new, the video will seem just slower! Good viewing! :thumbsup:

Rock :

STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1
STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 2
STEX - Paeng's Free Waters
STEX - Rock 'n' Stones

Vegetation :

LEX - BSC - VIP girafe berries
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe honey locust
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe rowan trees
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis
LEX - RRP Pasture Flora
STEX - Logging Set
STEX - Aesculus MMPSeasonal flora
STEX - VIP orange Fagus MMPSeasonal flora

Water :

STEX - RFR Plopwater Pack

Various :

STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon
STEX - Nams 48people MMP
STEX - RFR Deers and Wild Boars



Seven days the emperor was murdered in the capital. Seven days, that the Empire is destabilized and frightened people. No one knows who the meurtrier is and for which it acts, can be an enemy of the Empire or a coup of state...

But today is another day, that of a new emperor will rule as wisely as possible. We must restore the situation, the Empire needs a strong man ...

The sun just beginning to rise as the city is already in motion, the garrison army prepares and secures down the path that the Emperor during his walk to the cathedral to take the wish. Meanwhile the lost in the countryside, the emperor prepares his speech at the castle, which is three hours on horseback from the capital. When he leaves, he will be escorted to the royal guard, his wife, his two children and other statesmen and religious. When he arrives in the capital, it will take about thirty minutes before arriving at the cathedral to finally complete the ceremony. As time passes and more people in the city is excited, there are people angry and more happy to finally have someone on the throne to regain control of the situation before things degenerate. Indeed, there has already been some revolts around the country, often small but end badly.

Finally, it is high time that the Emperor sits on the throne, it is carried by a long reign worthy of the name!

In this city is restless, but less campaign. The Emperor does not always win the heart of the rural population, poorer it has little to the life of these people. "A man or another to the throne, it changes nothing for us! It is not they who will reap wheat.", Said an old farmer.

A small stream, near the castle from which governs the Emperor.

Near the stream, the monks of the monastery are preparing for the ceremony.

The cathedral, great symbol of Dahammas capital. The streets are crowded and it is difficult to move about, the army prepares the way.

The Emperor should leave soon...

... Even though the quiet and beautiful scenery make you want to stay there!

Ernestmaxis : Thank you! :D
Seaman : Thank you Seaman! :)
manga rivotra : Thank you very much manga rivotra! :thumbsup:
vinlabsc3k : Thank you vinlabsc3k! :) The future emperor is the castle to be protected until the day of the ceremony. ;)
kbieniu7 : Hello kbieniu7! Glad you're here, thank you for your comment, it's always nice to read you! :thumbsup:
Vizoria : Thank you very much Vizoria! :)
feyss : Thank you feyss, always get ideas for creating small original scenes. :)
kelis : Thank you for your comment! I'm always happy to know that my videos are viewed, I think it can help people! :)


Great detail great pictures!
Your an emperor  $%Grinno$%


Quote from: 000 on September 22, 2016, 12:04:41 PM
... Even though the quiet and beautiful scenery make you want to stay there!

indeed! &apls

manga rivotra

Great use of MMPs as always, each time very ingenious !  :thumbsup:
The castle scenery is absolutely perfect  &apls &apls &apls


Great story and MMP work!! &apls &apls

The only flaw is the castle use.
As it is located, it could be used more for an hunt or a retreat from court life than as a royal palace.
Maybe you want use the castle as a fortress to protect the ascendant to the throne. ;)
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What a story! And what a landscape! This monastery laying in the middle of this beautiful rural paysage is beautiful!
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


Really great MMPing. The castle is superbly placed!


Amazing work here! I really love the river below the castle entrance, that's a great idea  :thumbsup:


Amazing !! I most say that in the last months I don't have too many time to comment around here but I've been following all your updates and I enjoy a lot with your region.
Your updates are really well done and I specially enjoy with your videos, it is really nice for the community that MD's like this exist. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

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Hello everybody,

Today I post a video tutorial on the roads. often compliment me about my road (MMP) and ask how to do it well. I hope that it will meet the expectations of some people. I wish you a good viewing! :)

See you soon for future new updates will happen soon! ;)

Rock :

STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1

Road :

LEX - RRP Draggable Paths ChrisAdamas3997
STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon
STEX - VIP Carpack vol1
STEX - VIP Carpack vol2
STEX - VIP Carpack vol3

Vegetation :

LEX - RRP Pasture Flora
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe maples v2
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples
LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks

Various :

LEX - Les Murets de l'Aubrac Orange TSC
STEX - Bikes
STEX - Nams 48people MMP
STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP
STEX - VIP RuralPack

art128 : Thank you art128! :)
manga rivotra : Thank you for your comment! :)

To your question, there is an MMP that Girafe to create my request.

Initially, it is the plant Narcissus (seasonal), but the problem with it, when the winter season comes, the plant Narcissus disappears. This does not please me, as for my work, I need to have plants which are always there, otherwise, over time I have holes everywhere. To solve this problem, I ask for help at Girafe, so he could create me this plant can be seen in the menu "Herbe". He took the plant seasonal Narcissus, then from it he created the MMP with just grass, no flower. I have two MMP named "Herbe" from the menu. One comes from the MMP Narcissus (seasonal) and the other of Sparaxis (seasonal).

I sent a private message to Girafe there a moment about these two grass plants. I asked him if it was possible to share with the community, I think both MMP can be very helpful for people. I still awaiting a response from him.

Meanwhile, I can only suggest you use the Narcissus or Sparaxis season. Even though I know it's not ideal... &mmm
mgb204 : Yes bikes are actually better. But these are Props, it is not you these bikes MMP?
kelis : Thank you very much for your comment kelis! :)


Great stuff! I remember when I created paths with the RRP MMPs and damn it can be very frustrating. (specially if you don't have a steady hand)
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Props & Texture Catalog

manga rivotra

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your great talent with MMPs, and all these links.  :thumbsup:
I have just one question: at 7:35 you start to use grass ( it's written "herbe" in your menu )  that looks very similar to Girafe's cattails but smaller, did you resized them, or si it something different ?


It's probably the Pampa Grass (Herbes Pampas). It's included in the VIP Rural Pack.

You link to NBVC's MMP Bikes, if I may be so bold, Girafe made a new set of models for me last year. It contains more colour variants (20 total) in Ortho/Diag rotations and I find the quality to be much better than other bike props I could find.

BSC - VIP girafe - Mgb204 bicyclepack vol. 1


Thanks for share these videos, I enjoy a lot watching these videos. You have some nice skills my friend  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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The sun shines draining land in early summer, the south wind sweeps before the doors of houses. Today, the thermometer rise to 34°C on average across the country, the region of Eréphore was most affected by the heat wave, could be measured around noon a temperature of 39°C! Eréphore is one of two regions of the southernmost countries and their Mediterranean climate, the olives trees are thriving and are walking in part with the local economy behind tourism. This part of the country yet still remains very poor, people live mainly from agriculture, fishing and a few small travails often not reported to the state.

Have fun watching these images, this is only the first part of Eréphore. Indeed, the work done so far is huge and is not finished yet. I have many ideas to run for the next update always on the same topic, and I do not want to wait several weeks before a new entry (soon it's been a month that I work on this update ). I wish you all a good viewing, see you soon!

The "Blue Line" is the line of the oldest railway in the country, it has that name because it runs along the sea. Built during the First World War, in 1915, it was used primarily to link the north the territory to the south for the supply of the army. The end of the war, the line will operate for civilian use, and rail will grow in the country.

The Thylis, a small River rises about 50 km to the west in the massive Gormios. The river is known for the motorway viaduct that crosses from east to west. Completed in 2008, it serves the Eréphore other region.

The old tower, so she is appointed. This type of building built in the Middle Ages is common in the south. It was used to alert the town in case of an attack with a trumpet. At that time, there were often raids in villages.

The plateau Eréphore with its abbey overlooking the semi-desert terrain, it is crossed by the National Road 7.

A small village almost deserted, there are still 13 people... The houses each turn fall into ruin.

vinlabsc3k : Thank you! We can not love everything, I find myself well. ()stsfd()
korver : Thank you for your comment korver! I use the terrain mod created by Orange: PyreneanTerrainMod
kbieniu7 : Thank you very much kbieniu! ;D
manga rivotra : Thank you very much! I'm always happy to help. :)


Great use of MMPs!! &apls &apls &apls
For me, the only flaw is the Milleau Viaduct. &mmm
My creation at CityBuilders.

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Great work, looks fantastic :thumbsup: I'm wondering what terrain mod are you using for the desert pics? Looks really nice.

Also, I actually think the Millau Viaduct looks good here. Gives your picture an extra added dimension.