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From Schmotenton to New Portland - the rise (and possible fall) of Bran Castle

Started by siemanthepieman, August 05, 2016, 10:21:29 PM

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I know it's been a while between drinks and, honestly, I haven't played SC4 much lately. My young son, who, on the one hand I am trying to discourage from too many computer games but, on the other, am (of course!) happy to build with on mutually enjoyed activities, has taken a serious like to Minecraft and, to be honest, so have I. There has been some serious hours recently wasted building blocked worlds by the two of us which is nice, but also means not too much progress in SC4 of recent times. Still, I have a few updates up my sleeve. And development has not been entirely stopped. So I thought I'd pop in for a small update of another industrial precinct within the region.

A short word of warning - it's a fairly polished piece, with not much more than a couple of pictures and a brief explanation and we're done.

UPDATE 46 - Downtown Industrial Park

46.1 - It's a small industrial park. The picture will probably do the talking. But it is tight knit and safe, thanks to its 'one road in, secure road in' policy.

46.2 - As said, a nice, tight knit little industrial park. 'Nuff said!.


I don't quite get why it has to be defended like a castle but it looks nice nevertheless !  :)


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As we approach the end of our look at Bran Castle's industrial areas we get to Ridgeland Industrial Park. We've seen Ridgeland Industrial Park before in update 43. It was the first industrial area to pop up outside of Newport - coming into existence when the King ordered all agriculture be limited to 'Designated Agricultural Zones' to the west and south of Goose Island and the Knoll, or east of the Lesser New Portland Ridge. It is still the closest industrial park to Newport and probably the best connected to it, and undoubtedly the biggest to develop to date.

47.1 - It's an impressive sight from above

47.2 - The rail
connections to Newport ensures the development of the regions biggest textile halls. 

47.3 - The raid transport connections were actually better than those in Newport, favouring particular enterprises, such as automotive components and cabling/piping manufacturing.

47.4 - Some bright spark even had the idea to build a convention centre within the park. Somehow, it worked. With spacious trade stall areas and a state-of-the-art AV system, at any given time, you need to book your convention at least 18 months in advance to ensure your preferred dates are available.

47.5 - A few of the original farmers/landholders managed to hold their titles (or at least, successfully bogged down the acquisition attempts in legal proceedings indefinitely) ...

47.6 - ... although they never seemed to keep much of their actual land, presumably one doesn't need to work a field after a King compulsorily acquires all your land for good compensation

47.7  - Some places became real high tech hubs

47.8 - Others went from citrus groves to, well, a citrus grove with a big lemonade factory in the middle!

That concludes our tour of Ridgeland Industrial Park. Only one more industrial zone before this MD heads elsewhere!


It is a bit too repetitive in places (exact same buildings), but the layout is quite good !


REPLIES: Thanks evarburg. I find lots of industrial areas are full of similar - although admittedly not exactly the same - buildings. Alas I lack the dedication to open up each of the fantastic buildings I've downloaded from the LEX and elsewhere in the Lot Editor to tweak them to create that subtle variation to turn it from repetition/exact same to similar but still different. Maybe if I one day revisit the area I'll make some changes. For the time being, bigger and (for me at least) more fun development awaits.

King Schmo always thought of the Downtown Industrial Park as more of a staging area than an Industrial Park. Squeezed, as it is, between, the pluch mansions of Calistemon and Downtown, no one was ever going to stand for anything too heavy or too industrial. A few power distribution centres, some warehousing and some freight connections to ensure the shelves on the stores Downtown stay full and the wealthy folk of Calistemon have somewhere close by to collect their larger deliveries, landscaping supplies and dump their rubbish and Downtown Industrial Park is just about done.

48.1 - It serves its purpose, but really only needs one picture to say it all ...

Next up, we're heading to the forest or the fields. Any preferences for where we head first?


I was quite pleased to come back here after dusting off SC4 after a long hiatus to see my diary still in the 'active' section even though by rights it shouldn't be.

Let's just say some friends and I went camping ...

... but now we're back and working on a proper update (including a fancy gif if my technical ability doesn't fail me) shortly.


Let's just say it was a long camping trip.

I have learnt how to make a gif though and the farming regions around Bran Castle have been developing nicely.

This in only an interim update to welcome in 2022. I'm only about half done with the farms. Hopefully by 2023 we can be touring some of the small country towns that are starting to dot the region. 


It's very nice to see an update from you! Looks like you've been busy with the farms... I know this can (and is) tedious, boring and time consuming.
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