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Province of Acadia - Preview 1

Started by warconstruct, July 30, 2021, 11:35:36 AM

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It is more than 250 years ago that the busy and fascinating history of the Acadians began.

Part of France under the reign of the monarchy (constitution of divine right) they were sent as colonist in the new world.

The Acadians driven out of their land by the English on several occasions, following battles, are distributed throughout North America, in Louisiana but also on the French island of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. These people have known a lot of injustice and have been persecuted in the United States where laws have been passed to prohibit the use of French in public places and schools. It was only recently that the Queen of England recognized the grieving wrongs and made an official apology.



It is on these bases that I present my new project to you after years of pause.

It is in 2014 that I present here my latest project to date - The province of Zillerthal- (Best-Sellers)

But many my known well before, with the -Province of Trieste- and -Port aux Captes 2009-2011- (Best-Sellers)

Now things are very different than at the time, the context is no longer the same, SC4 is an old game but has managed to age very well thanks to the community, to have made it better.

My configuration is in 1080p full HD, of terrain/water textures


A great river and a mountain range to the north characterize this magnificent region, an ideal playground for developing any kind of activity, a port, a large residential area, industries, parks and natural areas, highways ... in short this map comes from NHP Production and I thank them.


see you soon



Hello, I present the first images of my new project the Province of Acadia.

The constitution of my new plugin folder turned out to be complicated.

I am now able to show you an overview of the future capital :




Thank you
Province of Acadia since 2020
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Province of Trieste (2006-2010)
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manga rivotra

Welcome back !  :)
it's always good news to see new MD, especially since this one has a great presentation with some detailed background.  :thumbsup:


Nice to see you around!  :thumbsup:

Agreed this seem like a good start with lots of potential! Looking forward for more.  :thumbsup:
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It's really nice to see a new region here. Thanks for share it and I hope I can see new updates soon.


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