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The Republic of Sulfur Plains - Update 2 - All aboard the train!

Started by Sheep49, April 16, 2009, 02:14:22 PM

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Wow, this region is looking really detailed and amzing! I really can't wait until you will present us one day the entire finished region! Keep it up!


Did I hear railway here?  &smrt

Nice work on the tonkso station - the greeneries reminds me of some old pictures someone shot approximately 15 years ago in East Prussia (sorry, don't know the Polish name of that area) in search for the last steam engines of the PKP  :)

If I was you I just put a Bus station there - either on the station itself or at/on the road.

Bernhard  :thumbsup:



When i see this,i always remember anduin valley!OMFG THIS IS SO BEAUTY(i also can't resist  $%Grinno$%)
Tu és
Time de tradição,raça,amor e paixão,
Ó meu mengo...
Eu,sempre te amarei,
Onde estiver estarei
Ó meu mengo


Really nice shots here. I really liked the bridges over the rivers. Looks very realistic.
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Piotr great MD you got going here and wonderful pics with the bridge there!!!

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Why was this MD shut down?! It barley started and already I was intrested.