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August 13, 2022, 07:40:51 PM

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Mas'71 works mini pamphlet.

Started by MAS71, November 08, 2007, 06:09:04 PM

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Last Update : 25,Apr,2009 --- Add a LINKs to "Left Hand Version".

- Avenu Turning-Lane and Cross MOD -
It's comvatible with Latest NAM(April,2009)

  ---> Right Hand Version is HERE

  ---> Left Hand Version is HERE

This MOD change textures of the Turning Lane, and add some marking inside cross.
It's not included textures of a part except it.  ;)

- After use them -

Two kind of files(.dat) included in ZIP. (for RightHandVersion only)
1. zzzz_TurningLanes_Avenues_Plugin_Mas71-1.dat - It will change textures on the Turning Lane.
2. zzzz_TurningLanes_Avenues_Plugin_Mas71-2.dat - It will change textures inside cross.  Some marking added.

Move(or copy) file(s) which you want to use to your ../SimCity 4/Plugins/NAM/Plugins folder.

- Case of using with other MODs -
If you using it with other MOD about textures of road. (i.e : SFBT Euro Road Textures Mod )
My file(s) have to readed after these othre MOD's files.

### NOTE ###
If you want a "Left-Hnad-Version", You can get it here. "$Deal"$
---> Down Load Page

---> Down Load Page

- This is Left Hand Version - 日本向け(左側通行用)です。

Please read a "readme" included in a ZIP for more details.
Thank you.  ;)

< Essential >
  1. Latest version NAM (Network Addon Mod)
- You don't forget instal a plugin "Turning Lane Avenues Plugin" please. ;)


Mas-san these are wonderful and thank you for making this as it gives a real good feeling to the intersections now!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


@PAT san

Hi Pat san, Thank you always visiting here and as warm comments as well.  :)
I don't think that these paints will look so good for users in other than japan,  please use it sometime if you like. ;)

Thanks again PAT san. :)


These are beautiful Mas san!  &apls Thank you for creating them!


@sithlrd98 san
Thank you Sithlrd98 san for download my little one, and sorry to late completion. :)
We could not see that car runs in right-side of roads in a jpanease version's SC4.
so I could not confirm that this MOD work correctry with SC4 of Right-Hand system, but It might work normaly in a game maybe I think.  ;)

If you find some problem with it, Let me know that again please. "$Deal"$

Thank you. :)


I would like to download your crossings modd. How can I do so?


@Fatsuhono san
()what() Do you not able to get it on my download page ??  ()what()

Quote from: MAS71 on May 11, 2008, 01:23:21 PM

  ---> Down Load Page is HERE
Click to start download a zip.

If you can't do it, Please tell me again.
I would send my mod on E-Mail to you.  ;)


@Mas san,
I have had no problems with these files  :thumbsup:
Everything works as it should.
Thank you again for your hard work!


Hello Mas san,
Thank you for your lots, they are very beautiful - perfect for my cities. Is there any way that I could use more tha one of your wall pack textures in the same city? I think they are all great and I can find many places where it would be nice to have more than one.



@Sithlrd98 san
Thank you again for your kindness and report with good result. ;)
I'm always afraid to some bug-report with my works. $%Grinno$% (lol)

@Freedo50 san
Hi Fred san  :) Thanks for warm comment, I'm glad to hear !!  :D
That's it right !!
It's really big problem with my walls2.  I got same opinion from some friends too.  ;D
A making them, It is not impossible. however, I have some problem within.

1. Number of Base-Texture's IID.
I have worries about a duplicate Texture-IID with othre works.
I already had this misstake in my "JPN-Walls" with David san's good LOTs. &mmm

2. Too much of  LOTs.
18 kind of Base-Textures and 13 kind of LOTs........All of 234 LOTs !!  $%Grinno$%
I don't have my times enough for make them now. :P

Somebody, Do you have good idea for them for easyly ?? ()what()

I'm still thinking that this opinion is very importants of my walls LOTs.  ;)
I'll try to it one of these days without fail.

Thank you again Fred san for your voice and good opinion to my wall !!
and as your understanding as well. ;)



Hi mas,
I suspected the only thing holding you back would be the massive number of lots you would need to create :P. About your Texture IID problem, have you got a texture range from geoffhaw? If you haven't you need to get one to ensure that you do not have texture conflicts (you can get one by posting a request here). If you do have, then you can just ask geoffhaw to assign you some more IIDs.



Quote from: freedo50 on May 15, 2008, 08:17:44 PM
About your Texture IID problem, have you got a texture range from geoffhaw? If you haven't you need to get one to ensure that you do not have texture conflicts (you can get one by posting a request here).

I had sent PM to Geoffhaw a once in the Simtropolis, but I could not get his reply.  ;D (about 2 years ago)
so I though that the permission is for only by some limited members.  $%Grinno$%
I'll try again to talk to him about IID again later.

Thank you agian Fred san for teaching and links with your kindness !! :)


- WP2 Addon - Highwalls -

---> DownLoad from SC4D-LEX

I remaked a Highwalls for "WallsPack2". (original lot in my existing JPN-WallsPack)

< Lot Details >
8 kind of LOTs you can use.

Lot size :  1 x 1 , 3 x 1
Wealth :  Meddimu wealth
Plop Cost : $5 - $15
Bldoze Cost : $1 - $3
Park Effect : +2 / 12R (/ tile)
Air Polution : -2 / 12R (/ tile)
Demand Satisfied : $50, $$20, $$$5 (/ tile)

All of these LOTs should plopped on place that only "Bump +15m". (by Hole Digging Lots)

All icon added in "Utility - Powers" menu.

 1x1 : Basic lot. 3 kind of prop using. (There is a delicate change on the slope.)
 3x1 : Basic lot. 2 kind of prop using. (There is a delicate change on the slope.)
 UnderBridge : For only NAM's "Over Pass Slope".
 Stair : Stair LOT have Transit-Eneble for walker. (Capacitiy : 2,500/m)

<Transit Eneble - Stair Lot>

< mini tutrial ot Under Bridge Lot >
You would see this some strange PROP when you use them by the road of one traffic lane.
Please plop other LOTs on this place which protruded of UnderBridge-Lot.

When you plop a Avenue, you do not need it.  ;)

< MML >

I update Menu Management Lot too.
Please remove old MML-Lot in WP2 beforehand.
If you don't want to use it, Please remove it in your Plugins folder.

< Essentials >
All of fences(gurdrails) depends on WP2's props.
You need one of any Fences-PROP
"02_Walls2 PROP_Fence-xx_xxxxxxxx.dat"
in Walls Pack 2.
Please use this works with WP2 same time.

I recommend the thing used to this work simultaneously with the following works please.
Hole Digging Lots by Smoncrie (on STEX)
Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod by pjot (on STEX)


Hey MAS san, that looks fantastic as usual :)

can I offer to make a DAMN (Daeleys new menu mod) set for your walls?

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Looks great! And great choice to add them to the power menu! My parks and landmarks can't take any more...
Have you ever had the Prop Pox? Join us to help find a vaccine or a cure.

Totuna e dac-ai murit flăcău ori moş îngârbovit;
Dar nu-i totuna leu să mori ori câine-nlănţuit.


Very nice!! You are always striving to improve.. ;)


Hello Mas san,
Thank you for another fine addition to my bulging plug-ins folder  :)
These look great!



oooh Mas-san you have out done yourself again here!!! Great Job on this!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Thank you friends for your comments !!  :)
Your quickly response(post comments) always makes me surprised. ;D (lol)

Yeh, yeh. I know well Daeley's unbelievable project !!
and I had tried to use DAMN-alpha-version, but It was not work well by my PC. &mmm
Of course, I'm going to make it for DAMN with my some works.(I hope it) ;)
but I will have to learn(study) to how to make it again. :-[
and I'm hope to it will work normally with our PC too by latest version DAMN. :)
Thank you always for your comment Joe san.

Yes, that's right. ;D
I don't understand how many icons are there in PARKs menu bar in our SC4. $%Grinno$%
so I'm looking forward to completion Daeley's wonderful project.  ;)
Thanks again Snorrelli san.

Thank you SC4BOY san.  :)
I'm feel inconvenience with some LOTs, so  I keep it in mind to making LOTs with my small idea. ;D
Please give me your voices for making more useful works. ;)

Thank you for your voice that makes me happy Jayson san. ;)
I hope to my works will not become  a trash in your Plugins-folder. ;D (lol)

I had remaking them little bit this time. ;)
because, I don't have much of my free times now.(reccentry)
I may show something suddenly again. ;D
Thanks always PAT san.


Hey MAS san,

I was offering to do the DAMN set, but if you want to learn it yourself then be my guest :) LOL

and yeah Daeleys tool is rather great  :thumbsup:

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms