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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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The new topographic and township map is great and I look forward to the newly organized 3RR. I'm still working on my own little part of the backstory.


EDIT: It seems I hit 1900. Wow, I wasn't even paying attention.


Stunning is a very good word for it.

Until next time...


Hi all. :D Long time lurker, first time poster...

Your maps are stunning, David. So realistic. Do you create them all in PaintShop Pro or do you use a mapmaking program of some sort?


Wow, that last map is a stunner.
Your maps just get better and better.

Thanks David for your continued work on 3RR.
We are all the beneficiary of your efforts.


he used to create them all in PSP8, but since he lost his laptop to the ravages of time ( :'(), he now uses and older graphics editing program on his new "HP Lugtop"


-girlfromverona: First of all, welcome to the site, and also to the 3RR section of it. If I may attempt to save Daivd some searching time, I suggest trying this link to page 39 when the map was first enlarged, and then use this tutorial that David made some time back in early July (just scroll down the pages a bit for both of them). If you have the time, I highly recommend that you go back through the many pages of this thread. There are so many other goodies hidden in them. Hope the links are useful, and hope you enjoy the site.


The topographic map is amazing.  I'd swear I was looking at somewhere real if I didn't know any better  :P

Seriously David, you do incredible work with all your extra details.  You should consider setting up a website (or having someone else do it for you) like some of the classic CJers used to have (I'm thinking of paletexan, in case you were curious.)  It might even help to organize all of the great stuff you've squeezed into this great MD.

Honestly, you have set a very high standard and a shining example for those of us who love to do extra stuff with their region's history, topography, transportation, etc.  Congrats on 1900 replies!
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?



By the way, I'm the 36900th viewer of the thread right now. Combine that with 1907 posts and 3RR will be the only MD/CJ I've ever seen over with over 2000 posts on the same board.

Hope all is well in the frigid north-we'd kill for some of the cold down in Mississippi. It was 90 this afternoon.



Well, congrats on the new laptop, David! I hope that it's working well for you. From the looks of the new map, I'd say that it is! Also, congratulations for 1900 posts! Only 92 more to the big 2000!


Hi David!! wonderful map as always!!!

-girlfromVerona: Welcome to SC4Devotion!! Are you Italian perchance?


David, your maps are simply amazing, as is, also, your dedication to this project. &apls  I don't post here much, but I am paying attention. ;D  Great stuff!


threestooges: Thanks heaps for the links! I have been looking around in this thread recently but hadn't come across that tutorial yet.

meldolion: Sadly, no. I'm actually a Kiwi who currently lives in Fiji. The name is a reference to Romeo and Juliet, an old obsession of mine. :D


Just to keep everyone intrested,


Now, dedgren,

if you want a book like this, what do you want the top color, lower color, and/or icon to be? (make a link to the photo please)

Also, if you're wondering how I did it, I didn't used 3ds Max or gmax, I used Paint .Net, and had the shape 3d plugin.

Quote from: dedgren on October 08, 2007, 09:41:38 AM
If you've looked at the 3RR section of the forums, you've probably noticed several new "child boards."  These don't work yet, but you can probably see the direction I'm heading...

While I'm working, I'm pleased to let everyone know that the lugtop (HP Pavilion dv9543cl, Intel T7300 (2 Ghz), Vista, 2Gb RAM) is in fact more powerful than the desktop where I've been doing the mapping, as I can save stuff the other computer runs out of memory on, and I can also cut and paste layers again.  Here's a bit of resulting eye candy.

That's an almost half meg .gif, in case anyone is having trouble viewing it.

Still workin'.



Now that's a goodun'!  :blahblah: &opr ;D



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LOL, I just realised it's a "Little Cold" down near the Cold Lake.

Nice one!
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A miserable RL week.  I'm hesitant to show my face.

* * *

Anyway, just a quick post to let you know the weekend is on its way.  I'll be doing some moving stuff around work this evening, and some new substantive stuff to post tomorrow.

* * *

Snow's on the hills in front of the mountains...

The afternoon sun is pretty low by 4:00 p.m.

Winter's in sight.


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beautiful photos, i hope your weekend brightens your spirits as you so often brighten ours
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Wow - I have spent a couple of hours reading pages 72-96....and watching the incredible maps you made. I find it amazing how well you fit in 3RR in the Minnesota/Manitoba area!

However, I believe the last link to the map of 3RR is broken...this one on page 91
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It's not broken at my end sebes, do you have a slow connection, because its a very big picture and so it would take a long time to appear on anything smaller than about 1 meg I think.



David that is some wicked pics.... I sooo love that snow capped mountains, man i wish i could see them in person some year lol.... 

Sebes i agree with Fred... I see that map just fine, what browser are you using?

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Strange - I normally have no problems - the connection is ADSL 11.0mbps.
I am not sure what a browser is... %confuso  Internet Explorer?
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