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Author Topic: Map Tutorial Introduction Page  (Read 8932 times)

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Map Tutorial Introduction Page
« on: March 19, 2008, 04:10:56 PM »
Map Tutorial Glossary, FAQ, tips, etc

Welcome to Map Tutorial by Heblem.

First of all im from México and my knowledge in English is limitated, i'll try to explain with images and clearly descriptions how to create, modify and control a SimCity 4 map. After ending all the tutorial you should know how to "manage" a sc4map.

A map in the SimCity world is important because thats where you going to built your city, or whatever your planning to do in the region map, there are many ways for make a map, from a DEM (Digital elevation model) by a greyscale mage made by you or even from a map you downloaded at LEX or any other site.

If you look for a real life map, for now you have to request it at the forums or you can ask me in making one for you, maybe later in the future a tutorial for making RL maps will be avalaible but not for now.

If you look for a sc4 map you can download from these sites:
Simtropolis General maps
NHP Simtropolis maps
LEX General maps

Mainly there are maps available for every important site on this planet, since for a big city such New York to  natural places of importance, if you can't find a place you looking for you must be patient if you requesting one.


What you'll learn on this tutorial:
Map Tutorial: How to import a greyscale image (8-bit map) to Sim City 4
Map Tutorial: How to import a SC4M file to SimCity 4 using Terraformer
Map Tutorial: How to import a SC4M file to SimCity 4 using SC4Mapper
Map Tutorial: How to use a terrain mod (get it installed right)
    How to install a terrain mod (the easy way)
    How to install a CP terrain mod
    Render a Terrain Mod
    How to install Columbus terrain mod
    How to install CP god mode trees.
    Uses of beach, water and rock mods.
    Uses of terrain properties.
    Tips for recreate an climate area.

Intermediate: (some tips for map making, etc)
Map Tutorial: How to get a PNG image from a region/SC4M.
Map Tutorial: How to import a PNG image to TerraFormer.
Map Tutorial: SC4Terraformer (Hand made-terraforming 16-bit)
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial: Make a blank map!
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 1: Know the program.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 2: Make your map shape.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 3: Define coastlines.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 4: Make a mountain.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 5: Detail your map.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial 6: How to export a region to a SC4M file.
     -SC4Terraformer Tutorial: Result preview! Download the Tutorial Map!
Map Tutorial: Adobe Fireworks (Hand made-terraforming 8-bit)
Map Tutorial: How to expand a current region/SC4M.
Map Tutorial: How to merge two region/SC4M.
Map Tutorial: Landscape designer
     Landscape Designer Tutorial: How to change a greyscale config.bmp.
Map Tutorial: Region Census
 Map Tutorial: Customize/Make your own terrain mod.

Also look for more Tutorials How to do it guides!!
-Tutorial 1: How to change any region city tiles.

-Tutorial 2: Map Tutorial: How to expand a current region/SC4M. (extra options)

Any question, help, related to a map please go here. Thanks!
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