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August 18, 2022, 10:36:01 AM

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Maxis open grass texture replace

Started by Bidderss, June 15, 2022, 11:06:15 AM

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Hi guys, my apologies if this is the wrong section for this, but I'm at my wits end here! I downloaded a huge pack of bits a while back to get me back into the game without having to spend hours downloading individual lots etc, but in amongst it somewhere is a base grass replacer which has this horrid dark texture instead of the nice bright maxis one, it seems to have replaced some of the base textures on the lots as well as parts like the diagonals seen here, and my "open grass area" texture as well meaning all my road signs etc have this dark texture on their base, has anyone got any idea what mod is causing this and how I can get it back to the default texture? Maybe a single dat file to add on to the end with the default textures or something? A lot of the stuff in the plugins folder is datpacked which doesn't help, I've spent ages trying to single it out with no luck  :crytissue:

Apologies for the terrible picture, had to downsize it to upload as I don't have an account on any image hosting sites. Any help would be massively appreciated!


It looks like this is one of the optional files from Gobias' SV Terrain mod, SV Base Textures.dat. This replaces a number of the grass Lot textures to better match the terrain mod it comes with. Although it looks like you've got TGN installed too, one of my mods that extends this grass onto the network textures. Yet despite having these, your actual terrain does not appear to be the SV Terrain mod?

If by "I downloaded a huge pack of bits a while back to get me back into the game without having to spend hours downloading individual lots etc", you mean you have downloaded an unofficial torrent of some kind, well this is just one problem of that approach. Essentially you get what you get and altering things is made more complex when you have no idea what you have installed or how it was put together. I've taken a look at a few such downloads over the years and all of them were frankly terrible.


Ahh okay, I don't seem to have that file in my plugins but I shall see if I can single it out somehow now that I know it's coming from a terrain mod, thanks for the help. It wasn't a torrent it was an upload by a youtuber who decided to share his plugins folder in an attempt to get people back into the game, I will admit I haven't really spent a lot of time modding SC4 myself and used to only run NAM with a couple of extra bits, I mostly just downloaded this pack so as I had a load of extra growable buildings without having to deal with all the dependencies etc. I believe he did have the terrain you mentioned installed originally but I've installed one to closer match the look of Haljackeys game, hence wanting the original grass textures etc back.