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September 30, 2022, 09:27:55 PM

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SFBT Soundwalls

Started by Kevin1a, April 01, 2010, 01:26:31 PM

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I hate to ask for anything, and I hope I'm doing it in the right place, but I really enjoyed the sound walls you made.  Is there any chance of anymore?  Freeway walls are common in the US, and Europe, and yours is the only set I can find on the LEX.  Would you consider making some gray graffiti covered walls, with less of a park effect?  Once again, thank you for your work.


Hi Kevin1a,
don't you worry about asking questions. That's what the community is here for.

You might well be right for the LEX, but once in a while the good old STEX comes in handy.
I know of another five soundbarrier sets over there:
Highway Sound Walls:
DEDWD Highway Walls: plus their MML:
sound barrier expansion pack:
LuBu's Sound Barrier Wall Set:
Road and Elevated Highway Noise Barriers:

Hope you'll find something to suit your needs, although non of'em do have graffiti.
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Thanks, now I have some options.  Unfortunately no graffiti, but the first set and the DeadWoods walls look really good.  Not really better than the SFBT walls, but maybe the park effect will be weaker.  Basically, wherever I put the walls I'm using right now it would completely eliminate pollution and have a massive park effect.  I could surround the worst ghetto in my city with sound walls and it would turn into a gated community with villas and boathouses in no time :D  Because I use walls primarily on avenues, I had strings of high wealth, high density buildings running though my city and it looked kind of strange.

Anyways, thank you for the help.


If the park effect is too high for your taste, just open the lots with any modding program you like and edit it to a lower value yourself. :)

And to answer your first question: I'd assume Mathe Man (the creator of the SFBT sound walls) could do some other sets as well, but as usual, that depends on his free time, RL issues and whatnot. ;)


I'm not sure if this is the place to put this or not, but I have a problem with these walls. I downloaded the newest version of SFBT I could find, but on nearly every piece I lay down, I'm getting the brown box..any idea why?


You need to download and install all the dependecies for it.


In the readme, it only has one, SFBT Essentials and I already had the December 2010 version downloaded. I know it's a problem with the trees, so when I downloaded Essentials, I checked every tree in the list. Didn't help though.


Where can I download the SBFT ones?


The SFBT soundwalls are here:

The soundwall lots use the SFBT tree prop families, which are part of the SFBT Essentials. Please read the SFBT Essentials readme carefully, as those tree prop families require external dependencies, unless you choose to install the Maxis tree prop families only.