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October 05, 2022, 05:03:49 PM

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SC4devotion DVD

Started by pincopallo, June 13, 2010, 05:18:19 AM

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 :D :thumbsdowHallo, sorry for my english, i am italian
i would donate to have the fantastic sc4devotion dvd.
1) i leave in italy, according to your experience, how many days have i wait for to obtain the dvd?
2) How do you know my address? May be from the form that i compile in mypal?
3) In the DVD are present all the dependencies?
Thank a lot for your answer


I live in Belgium, and it took about 5 days for the DVD to be delivered to me.
They know your adress, because you had to fill it in when registering your PayPal account.
All of the dependacies that are on the LEX are on the SC4D DVD

Hope this helps you
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1) Our mail system relies on Barby getting to the next village to deliver the DVD's.  So times can vary, but less that 2 weeks would be a fair guess, depending on when the last batch was mailed.
2) Yes, from Pay Pal.
3) All dependencies we had permission to upload are on the DVD.  All other dependencies have links provided.  There aren't to many more.


Hallo to all.javascript:void(0);
i made the donation of 26€ last week. The receipt number is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX :D :D-3487
1) i would like to have a confirmation from sc4devotion staff (i have already confirmation from PayPal).It is possible?
2) Can any member of sc4devotion staff tell me if the DVD was mailed to my address?
3) I coudn't find a contact or an email to write directly to sc4devotion staff. can anyone tell me or i always have to contact by forum?
Thank you very much


pincopallo: I hope to ship out the DVDs today. I only go to the post office once a week and your donation arrived after I had been last time.
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Hallo moderators,
i have no received the lex dvd yet.
i did 26€ donation 18.06.2010
Paypal receipt is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3487
my name is L.S.. can u give me news please?


picopallo: I have replied to your two PMs.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original