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Author Topic: Presentation and Modalities  (Read 2149 times)

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Presentation and Modalities
« on: April 02, 2009, 07:32:16 AM »


I have to decide to organize little unpretentious competition to stimulate the creativity of the members of the forum.
The "TSC Orange Trophy" will take place over short periods, they will concern a subject and will be opened to all.
Every winner of a Trophy will win a reward.

The TSC Orange Trophy exists for several months on, me you advice to look here to see the previous sessions.


- No necessary registration
- No limits of participation (several participations possible in a Trophy)
- For every Trophy will be communicated with you the Subject, the deadline of participation and the other information which will be considered useful.
- A single obligation, that you are the creator of the images whom you will post.
- A single winner by Trophy
- You will be free of present your realization as check seems to you. ( Attention the retouch of images which aim at modifying the appearance of the Lot, one Beats, are nevertheless forbidden)

Name of winner

The choice of the winnerwill be made mainly on aesthetic criteria, but also of originality, and insertion in the game.
An anonymous jury will meet and will choose the best participant.

Then summits proof of care, originality but also rigorous.


For every TSC Orange Trophy, the reward will be a BAT. That this will be personalized at the request of the winner. Criteria will be defines before every Trophies to vary the rewards.
After a period of 3 months, the trophy will be upload.


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