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August 10, 2022, 01:21:31 AM

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Started by Nanami, August 04, 2010, 08:28:54 AM

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Where can I get slums? I need this for the upcomming journal.


The definition of a "slum" varies widely around the world from "cardboard shacks" to "government financed highrises" .. There are many examples especially the highrise types.. If you want other types you may well have to BAT/LOT your own


I know this might sound silly but have you tried doing a search on the various sites around.

A few I found that may be of help to you.

Slum Kit Low Density

Slum Kit Medium Density

Slum Kit

A quick check on ST using the word "slum" gives some results. See here

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Thanks but I already have em. I need more lowrise slum. And I cant BATing.


Well check through the RES sections for low wealth RES buildings would be the first place to look, maybe even some of the Landmark or Functional land mark section for buildings that look like slums buildings, as some have released "slum" looking buildings that aren't in the growable section as growing a slum type didn't fit into the simulator very well but visually they might be what your after.

With the PIM-x program it's quite easy to change a building into a growable and/or re-mod the stats of a building, far more easier than learning how to BAT correctly I don't bat myself but learning the Pim-x for re-modding buildings is quite easy. Once again all depends on what sort "slum" you are looking for too.

Like Sc4boy says theres many different terms for a slum depending on where you come from. Some of the more common ones "shanty town" "refugee" "abandoned" "ghost town" "redneck" or "poor" "city housing" "welfare" "crack".

Might even take a look at some of the buildings in the IND section, specially the dirty ones as they might fit into your idea of a slum and/or use some of the buildings or props to create a new lot which a lot easier than creating a new BAT.
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If you're making a journal, I'd recommend the Extra Cheats Plugin's LotPlop and BuildingPlop cheats.  You can plop the building then sever the power connection (or never connect it in the first place) to force it into dilapidation, then reconnect and take the picture while the no-power zot is gone but before people move back into the building.  Of course, plopped residences won't ever function correctly as residences, so this is just a temporary solution.

In addition to the above suggestions, you could also try NYC Housing Projects for midrise apartment buildings.

NOTE:  If the above post is just one sentence about some inconsistency, bug, or broken link, don't be offended.  I'm posting the info because I assumed it was some minor oversight and want to help you fix it, or I want the information to be available to others who are doing a search for the same problem.  Once the issue is resolved, moderators are encouraged to delete my post.



I would go to the LEX and try marcszar, JBSimio and tag_one.
Between those three (especially marcszar) you should have more than enough.

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EDIT-I also remember that Ripplejet made a dilapidation modd, one that makes buildings look run down, but I am not too sure where it is right now.  I'll see if I can find it.
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