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May 24, 2022, 06:03:12 PM

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Updates (Turn 20)

Started by nedalezz, July 27, 2011, 03:10:30 AM

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Unless you take out a larget loan and build yourself a house, Im not really following up on residents of shacks - it gets too much of a hassle, since they demolished every turn and plopped every turn. But yes, you will be living in the same house, so certain expenses will be shared :)

School is $1,000 per turn for each person for 8 turns.


Ok, then we will buy a nice house a bit LATER. She's made an account and both of us are currently logged in ;)

- For now we will take a loan of $60.000, open "Woynitsch optics" luxury store for $50.000. T-intersection Madrassa str and Cross str.  ()stsfd()
- Both of us will go to school
- and we buy as much luxuries for the store as our money can buy (I hope all get sold).
- Adella will be government employee (GT plant inspector) , I mentioned that already.

- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
- Favorite MD: The Winding River Project



Turn Eleven

Population: 1,644
GDP: $7,233,600 ($4,400 per person annually)
Labor Force: 740
Education Level: Lowest

The government's money continues to be poured into its developments around the Police Station #1 and the Rawa'a Primary School, with the Central Mosque and the House of Christ Church scheduled for completion in 6 months, at the cost of $500,000 and $700,000, respectively. The bigger project, the Rawa'a Central Hospital, is slated to be open in about a year's time, at the cost of $1,000,000. King Edward Ezamsi has continued to promote the hospital as the town's most important development thus far, citing that there will be nation-wide healthcare coverage and insurance for every citizen of Dunya. The approximate cost annually for each person is not yet known, but the King has promised that it will be affordable for everyone.

The government has also thrown a little money towards the beautification and security of its Geothermal Plant and Water Pump. After a resident was caught without clearance near the pump, measures have been taken to make sure the area is sealed off to everyone but employees and people with clearances to be on the premises. The new fence has been put up along with grass and trees, making the plant truly green.

Several businesses have opened their doors the past couple of years, and the last 6 months have been no exception. With the commercial sector booming compared to the relative size of the town, competition amongst the businesses is growing, and for the first time, the economic growth has exceeded the population growth and its ability to spend, relative to each other. The commercial growth can be attributed to a growing number of businesses selling luxury products, as opposed to life necessity products, which still has huge potential that has not been realized.

The GDP grew again the past six months, with the average Dunyan making $4,400 per year. Most of the income goes towards the necessities, such as food and petrol. Foreign investment has remained minimal, and will continue to be until the country can afford to develop at least an airstrip to get people in and out of Dunya quickly. For now, the Rawa'a has a population of 1,644 and growing, with an emerging middle class that could help the GDP grow.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Eleven!

The Dunya Information Sheet

Quick Note: There are some default decisions made. If you see something that Ive spent your money on in Turn Eleven that you want to change, just tell me. Peter007, I used the default for your character - if youd like to change, let me know. Same for NASCAR_Guy :)


I'm eyeing that peninsula to the North as the future sight of the Terrell Mansion  ()stsfd()


Mmmm my Bachelor in ecology pays of even if it's not recognized by the king. I work in GT only one turn and they already listened to my petition to enclose it with a fence and grow some grass   :P

I hope we get a small community park soon (1x1)


King Announces Marriage

King Edward Ezamsi has announced to the general public that he has married Dora Helmi, now Queen Dora Helmi Ezamsi, in a secret ceremony held at the Royal Residence over the past weekend. The announcement comes as no surprise, as the King has been hinting over the past year about the upcoming ceremony.

The King, who is aged 32, was wed in front of a crowd of 250 people to Queen Dora, aged 25. She hails from the northern part of the island and belongs to the Helmi tribe of nomads. They met during a ball the King held in celebration of all Dunyans who were continuing their higher education overseas. The Queen graduated from the University of Cambridge in the UK with a Masters Degree in Economics.

Although the honeymoon has not been announced, there is speculation that the newly-weds will head to the Seychelles and then South Africa. Congratulations to the new royal couple!


Turn Twelve

Population: 1,895
GDP: $8,338,000 ($4,400 per person annually)
Labor Force: 852
Education Level: Lowest

As Rawa'a approaches 2,000 residents, the government has begun developing projects that raise the living standard of the town as whole. The Rawa'a Central Hospital is nearing completion, and the $1,000,000 the government has poured into the health facility is sure to pay dividends. Just across the street from the hospital, the House of Christ Church and the Central Mosque have both opened their doors for worshippers of the two most prominent faiths in Dunya. As a symbol of unity and togetherness, King Edward Ezamsi opened both religious buildings in the presence of both Christian and Muslim scholars and religious figures.

Two new stores have opened for business the past few months, one of Edward Ezamsi Street and the other on Madrasa Street. Areameder Imports and Woynitsch Optics, respectively, are the latest in a growing number of trading companies that have found Rawa'a a good place to do business. Areameder Imports will be importing foods and provisions, while Woynitsch Optics will be dealing in eyewear, both practical and fashion related.

As the Rawa'a's population grows, so does the expansion of the town. Most noticeably, it is southern Rawa'a that has really become popular with the town's middle and upper classes, but slow development has also enveloped the northern outskirts of the town as well. Rental prices remain relatively low, with a normal house going for $5,000 a year in the southern part of town, and for around $3,000 to $4,000 in other parts. 

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Twelve!

The Dunya Information Sheet

Note: I moved the police station around as well as the mosque after I realized I had miscalculated the number of plots the mosque and church would take!


Very nice work.  :)  &apls

Just as a heads up, school has started so I'll be not to active in the project until some time in the future. I'll still check in every update, but I can't do much else.  ;)


The Rawa'a Dock

The Dunyan government has announced the expansion of the Rawa'a Pier will begin in the upcoming few months, with the estimated date of completion around a year from now. With the increase in ocean traffic to the island, the current wooden planks can no longer accommodate the number of imports coming into Rawa'a.

The new Rawa'a Dock will cost around $1,000,000, but the new set up will be able to accommodate $2,000,000 worth of goods a month ($12,000,000 a turn), a vast improvement from the amount it can handle now. The location will remain the same, and the construction will be done over 2 phases.

The government has also announced that will be investing in the road network of the town in the upcoming months, paving dirt paths and extending roads.



Excellent. People at the old dock were complaining about Dave Davis' habit of tossing sacks of fish down from the boat's bridge. Apparently things were starting to get messy.


Turn Thirteen

Population: 2,189
GDP: $10,016,864 ($4,576 per person annually)
Labor Force: 985
Education Level: 0.04 out of 4

The completion of the Central Hospital, which cost a total of $1,000,000 over 1 and a half years, has been met with much appreciation from the public. King Edward Ezamsi also announced the Dunya Healthcare Initiative, which will cover all Dunyan residents, commencing in the new few months. All government employees receive free healthcare, while everyone else will pay a mandatory $50 a month ($300 a turn) to cover their healthcare costs.

Rawa'a's development has always been linked to its docks, and they have gotten an extreme makeover. The new Rawa'a Port, which was estimated to have cost $1,000,000, can now handle up to $2,000,000 worth of imports a month, raising the ceiling that had befallen the commercial industry of the town. The port, locally known as The Docks, will serve the country for the foreseeable future, and rumors of a larger port being developed by the government north of the town have been denied.

Speculators have suggested the prices around the CBD will skyrocket to $2,000 per plot (1x1) given the lack of land available in the area. The town has been promoting its northern areas to potential businesses, citing easy access to the port on Main Street and big potential for growth as the city spreads in that direction. Farmland has eaten up most of the land surrounding Rawa'a to its west, but there are rumors that some farms will be willing to sell their land, albeit at a premium, for cheaper land more inland.

The government, which a few years ago developed some houses to rent out to the general public on Main Street, is putting all 4 pieces of land up for sale. Below is the information:

1)   15 Main Street: 200 square meters (2x1), $100,000.
2)   16 Main Street: 200 square meters (2x1), $90,000.
3)   17 Main Street: 200 square meters (2x1), $90,000.
4)   18 Main Street: 400 square meters (2x2), $130,000.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Thirteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet


Land Prices Increase

Prices in the southern Rawa'a neighborhood, which has been popularly called by the locals as Treelane, have taken a sharp turn upwards, with plots going for $1,500-$1,600 nowadays. The houses, mostly middle class two storey buildings, have been in demand, with some locals making up to $15,000 to $20,000 on profit selling them to interested buyers. The neighborhood is the most sought after address in town, with close proximity to the Royal Residence a short walk or drive away from central Rawa'a. The Martin family, which owns a 2,500 square meter land on Main Street, initially bought the land for $25,000, but it is now worth north of $40,000 if they ever choose to sell.

In northern Rawa'a, prices have also started to increase slightly, with plots generally selling for $1,200 these days. The government has been offering discounted prices for lands further inland to be used for farming and ranching, hoping to meet the market through locally grown products, hoping to drive down prices.


The city's growing great. :D Awesome to see land values rising too. :)


I won't be able to check in much for a while :(


Here is a shot of Rawa'a, looking east. I know its not perfect, but its my first try and cross border shots!


Wow, I've just checked the map thread. I didn't realize at first that Rawa'a has so little land. So I could help asking: Is Rawa'a going to be only a harbor town or will you make Rawa'a city in multiple lands. I am very curious how you are gonna develop region. If there will be a lot of small settlements, some cities, is there gonna be a metropolis in Dunya maybe etc. Also I guess cities will grow along the coast and not inland. Farms take place inland, right?

P.S. I'm glad that you marked Adella's new farm :). Very nice
- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
- Favorite MD: The Winding River Project



Rawa'a is going to be over multiple tiles, thats my guess. I definitely have plans to develop other settlements (might not be that far into the future, either!) I have also left alot of space to the east of Dunya's main island - Im figuring at some point, I'll introduce the second island and set up a city there as well. For the record, you wil be able to own businesses and land in all these settlements :)


Turn Fourteen

Population: 2,636
GDP: $12,294,304 ($4,664 per person annually)
Labor Force: 1,187
Education Level: 0.06 out of 4

The government's initiative to offer land at discounted prices for farming has been a relative success, with quite a few farms developing along the newly paved stretch of road leading west out of town. The farms, located on Edward Ezamsi Street, now contributed almost 30% of Dunya's fruits and vegetables supply, with the rest imported. King Edward Ezamsi has lauded the efforts of his government to promote locally produced products, and hinted that prices for the products were sure to drop in the near future as more farms develop.

Inside of town, the population of Rawa'a continues to spike, as does the land value. Recent assessments have plots in and around the CBD being valued at around $3,000, and plots in Treelane at $2,000. As the population begins to reach 3,000 residents, development in northern and southern Rawa'a, along the coast, has begun springing up. A second construction company has opened its doors for business in Dunya, Clearview Properties, and its first projects have been private ones, with people building homes on the plots that they own. Their offices  can be found at 40 Edward Ezamsi Street.

Overall, progress has been steady in Dunya's only settlement, with the government recently taking on beautification projects around the city. Grass is being grown around residential neighborhoods, and lots of trees are being planted. With substantial water found in the soil underneath the ground, there hasn't been much hassle in getting the plants to grow.

Here is the Dunya Information sheet for Turn Fourteen!

The Dunya Information Sheet – Turn 14


This gets more exciting by every update  :thumbsup:
The mosaic looks very nice and those farms further west, great stuff.
BTW, Did you leave government salaries on $1.800 on  purpose or did you forget to link it according to the GDP/capita. I noticed that you linked salaries for educated employees to 2xTurnGDP/Cap.

P.S. if it's not a problem could you send me the links where you downloaded Greenhouse farm (Clarence fruit farms) and those shacks (I noticed some of them don't requir road, how did you do that?)
- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
- Favorite MD: The Winding River Project