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March 28, 2023, 11:25:02 AM

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Started by nedalezz, August 08, 2011, 04:00:26 AM

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If you're on this topic, that means you have taken an interest in our project and want to get involved, and we welcome you with open arms! All we need to know to begin with is the Name of your character and his or her Profession!


Hello, I am interested in joining. I wish for my character's name to be Jackson and for him to be a construction worker. If there are any problems, just let me know!


Welcome Cyclone1001! Please check your personal messages - I sent you one, just to follow up on some additional info!


I'll have a shot at it. My character's name will be Jordan and he shall be a gov't employee ;D
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Hi, Adella here.

Pls sign me as wife of Nemanya Woynitsch.

I will work in Gov as GT inspector, thx ;)


Hey, can I be on the project? My character's name is Vic, and I'm a fisherman.


Sure! Your character's first turn will be Turn 11 since its early :)

What is your character's last name? As a fisherman, will you like to invest in a small wooden boat ($1,000 - 1x1 coverage, $500 per plot, can operate 10 of them without extra employees), or a large wooden boat ($5,000 - 3x3 coverage, $500 per plot, any additional boats after the first require an employee each)?


OK. I'm hooked. You're running this well, and the updates look gorgeous.

I'll be Adam Baker, a Trader, running a market stall, company "Baker's Goods"
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Welcome aboard, both of you! Hope you have a great time! Benedict, please check the Business board.


Hey Nedal, I followed your project on simtropolis an I'd like to join, my name is Michael and he will be a farmer


Hey, Vivapanda, check this:

Already have a nice proposal for you ;)
A jump-start
- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
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vivapanda, welcome!

What will be the last name of your character?


I'm sorry fot the late reply
Thank you, the last name will be Johansson.
I'll check it ou Nemanjanv!



I suppose i'm way too late but if it is possible i'd like to join. And if it is possible i'd prefer my charater's profession being a car mechanic or possible a butcher if the town is in need of one?



Hi Reda!

Ofcourse you can join - I just need the last name of your character as well.

As for your profession, car mechanic and butcher both representent service oriented professions, which we havent delved into yet, but I guess this is a good a time as any!

You can be either one, and I will have the details of how the profession works in the information thread soon :)