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August 13, 2022, 09:33:31 PM

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Looking for industrial buildings [Solved]

Started by peperodriguez2710, June 21, 2015, 10:47:07 AM

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Hello everybody, I'm looking for some industrial buildings for my cities. But I don't want factories like the maxis ones, I'm talking about the kind of buildings found in spanish "polígonos industriales", such as logistical centres, sheds and storages, small manufacturing industries... I found a CJ (Imperio de Nueva Iberia) that is in Simtropolis and Capital Sim and has some photos about the kind of buildings that I'm looking for. In fact, I don't mind using those same buildings, but I don't found them and I'm starting to suspect that the CJ creator batted them.
Here are the pics: (I link to them cause they're big, if it's not allowed to link pictures I'll try to resize them)

Anyway, if they are not this buildings but are alike them, they will work as well.

Loads of thanks! ^^


The only one I think I've seen before is the building with Maersk on it. Ran a google search on the LEX and found this by cogeo which at least has that model and maybe something else from the pics. It's only models though, no lots, and I'm not sure where to find those. Nice set though, and while I guess I downloaded it four years ago I'd forgotten about it until you reminded me ;)

You're perfectly welcome to link to images or to display them, whichever you prefer. For images wider than 1024px it's recommended to show a 1024px or smaller preview with links or to use: where 1024 can also be any other smaller amount, so the images are more easily viewable and display their full size when clicked on.

Good luck  :thumbsup:



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Thanks everybody a lot for your help, the ones from capital sim I already have them although thanks anyway  :) . Thank you, they're exactly what I was looking for. If you find some more, tell me please!  ()stsfd()

Thanks another time, you're awesome!  &apls


Some of these are indeed Cogeo's work.
I made a warehouse set with these. You might like it.
Look here.


Quote from: FrankU on June 22, 2015, 01:43:02 AM
Some of these are indeed Cogeo's work.
I made a warehouse set with these. You might like it.
Look here.

Thanks a lot!  :thumbsup: