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August 13, 2022, 08:43:24 PM

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Old Bobbo662 gas stations

Started by buckbeach, December 14, 2017, 10:55:11 AM

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This is a duplicate of a post I made in another area of the board.  I thought maybe in would attract some additional attention here.

"Found references to the gas stations I am referring to over at Simtropolis in a tutorial file by Ripple Jet called Tutorial: Growing Empty Lots and How to correct them.

The lots are by Bobbo662.  Here are the names:
Old Mobil Service Station -    Old Mobil Service Station_6f1cccd4.SC4Lot
Old Total Service Station -    Old Total Service Station_ef1e581c.SC4Lot
Petro-Canada Service Station -  Petro-Canada Service Station_4f3747d2.SC4Lot
Phillips 66 - Phillips 66_909e6a53.SC4Lot
Retro Gulf Station - Retro Gulf_b2194a01.SC4Lot
Retro Mobil - Retro Mobil v.3_7232aa15.SC4Lot
Retro Texaco Service Station - Retro Texaco_523661b8.SC4Lot

If anybody out there still has access to these on their computers or backups, I would very much appreciate having them.

These would make a great addition to those wanting to keep some small rural areas in their region.

Keeping my fingers cross I will be able to get these again.

BTW I don't know how applicable the Ripple Jet tutorial is today but it looks like a great read for those wanting to tweak their lots.

Again, these files do not appear to be here on the LEX or over at the STEX, looking for fellow SC4'er to search their archives.



I have some, Old Mobil Service Station, Old Total Service Station, Petro-Canada Service Station, Phillips 66 Service Station, Retro Mobil (version2.1 and 3), Retro Texaco Service Station, also 1960's Retro Safeway and 1970's. Sorry  no Retro Gulf. So how do we hook you up.

Where ever you go, there you are.


Oh WOW :bnn: :bnn: :bnn: &apls &apls &apls Is it possible to email me the files? my email is buckbeach47 (at)

Edited email address format to prevent you from getting bombarded by spambots. -Tarkus/Admin


Sent you a link buckbeach, If it's permitted I can post a Drop Box link here for anyone else.
Where ever you go, there you are.


In years past, we would have shut a thread like this down under Site Rule #10 or something similar.  However, the current iteration of the staff recognizes the flaws in the longstanding "zero tolerance" strategies with respect to file distribution in the established SC4 community, and the fact that exchanges like this have been going on like this via the PM system for a very long time.  In the spirit of such pragmatism, I've let this one stand (and have also fixed Buck's email, so he doesn't get bombarded by spambots--which can happen if one posts a direct email link on an internet forum).

The Bobbo gas stations were originally withdrawn by their creator sometime in 2007-2008, as there were a number of issues with how the lots were modded.  nos. 17 did actually get Bobbo's permission to re-mod and re-lot the old stations, and released a mega pack of them on the STEX in 2015.  He's also done a lot of the other old Bobbo files that have been unavailable for awhile, too (here is his entire STEX catalog), and knowing nos. 17's level of quality, I'd say these are the preferred, definitive versions of these files.  (The Gulf station does not appear to be included there or elsewhere, however.)




Really brings me way back to the beginning of SC4 as memory tickles me of time long past of old stations of old times of Bobbo's gas stations.

Thank you Alex for that wonderful memory clip of the very beginning and makes me really reflect of all the great accomplishments thus far  &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls &apls



Sorry for breaking any rules, but a little confused.  To make sure I don't repeat my faux pas, am I not permitted to ask if another member have any specific old files?

Oh, thanks for correcting my post to avoid any mal traffic as a result of my email address.



Quote from: buckbeach on December 15, 2017, 09:13:46 PM
Sorry for breaking any rules, but a little confused.  To make sure I don't repeat my faux pas, am I not permitted to ask if another member have any specific old files?

Oh, thanks for correcting my post to avoid any mal traffic as a result of my email address.


No worries, Buck--you're not in any hot water with us.  While in years past, staff did routinely shut down public requests for what I would call "informal distribution" (i.e. files being traded between individual members outside the exchanges), the current administration's view on the matter has evolved, and we are now taking a more constructive approach.  This is particularly true of cases involving of old files that may be inaccessible (or difficult to access), particularly considering how many creators and sites we have lost in recent years. 

Many of the files that come up in these sorts of requests are things that are of general interest to quite a number of members (this is especially true of Bobbo's old stuff, which was quite popular).  Given that SC4 Devotion's mission has always been about preserving knowledge about (and by extension, content for) SC4, we also see it to everyone's benefit to get such files onto the community's mainstream exchange system, by following all reasonable avenues to obtain permission, and, barring that, allowing good faith re-uploads in cases where there is no reasonable way to pursue permission.

To that end, if someone does in fact locate the Retro Gulf station, we will make an effort to ensure it is preserved, for everyone's benefit.