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August 17, 2022, 11:54:48 PM

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AC Aircraft

Started by Voltaire, March 09, 2009, 08:40:23 PM

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Thanks again, allan, jack, PLT

feliwi, allan
- there will be narrowbodies (737s and A320s) with airstairs, in a separate release also including each plane without stairs or jetway.

jack  - it's on my list since last fall... just have to find the time to make it  :P


March 20 2009

Two new aircraft...
   737-800 Japan Airlines livery by Voltaire
   737-800 Korean Air livery by Yoman

...and reworked the belt loaders - deleted the full-height guardrails in favor of handrails, which render into the game much better.

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cool. I like all of these planes. =P

- Allan Kuan


Wow, finally I realism can be improved with these Asian carrier 737s. Will there be any other Asian liveries?
About the belt loaders and other vehicles: Will they be part of the model or are they seperate props?

Great developments in here so far! Really can't wait for more!


Brilliance in all its forms!  :thumbsup:

Jack Bauer

great planes and realistic details such the wings which are completely Boeing!!


Thanks guys!

feliwi - many more asian carriers coming in the Widebody jets, especially the 787. Ironic that only 3 airlines in North America placed orders... yet it's so popular worldwide, the waiting list is a decade or more.

The belt loaders are separate props from the aircraft, they come in two flavors. Three "parked" versions, and many airline-specific "in-use" versions.

The latter are rendered with the aircraft's (open) cargo door, above the end of the belt. The door size and shape is specific to the 737's aft bulk compartment, making them unsuitable for re-lotting on other types. I'll have to make an Airbus door, for example.

Thanks jack - wings definitely make the aircraft... especially in SC4 where we are forced to see them at all times  ;)  They are so hard to model, even with the engineering drawings.


March 26 2009

The remaining new 737s are complete... and Lotting work is wrapping up this week. Would have done already, except the 739 LODs just would not cooperate :P

Three new aircraft today:
   737-800 Delta Air Lines livery by Voltaire
   737-800 Lauda Air livery by Voltaire
   737-800 Virgin Blue livery by Xiziz

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The finest SimCity Aviation LOTs BATs and MODs


They look awesome!  :thumbsup:
I can't decide whether the Virgin Blue or Delta Airlines aircraft looks best!


the ryanair is amazing...

wow &apls

also the new ground equipment is great.
can´t wait to have them on my airport....

as i say, amazing work


Jack Bauer

I like the Virgin a lot!! the others are so realistic too!!!


Yeah, Lauda and AUA, two countries from the country I'm living in right now, Austria! Can't wait for NIKI ;)


i think a new delta 747 skin on the current 747 body would be fitting...especially since it looks really cool.


delta looks the best, but they all are really cool...much more realistic. &apls
You can call me Grif

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Nice. Can't wait for the release.


How lovely the Ryanair looks, great job texturing it!
Not only the Ryanair looks good, the others too.  ;D

Jack Bauer

I just noticed that there are trucks espacially to carry luggages into the planes!! they are so realistic!!! &apls


Hey, I know you don't take requests, but if you're ever adding some 737-700/737-800 liveries, then Westjet is something to consider (I know you did a 600, but a one with winglets would be pretty sweet).


WOW , Good job  :thumbsup:
And do you going to work a A 320 family (A319,320,321) in Czech Airlinres (Or Finnair,Travel Srevice, China Airlines...,but another planes) skin? :)
I have lot of photos and my textures from Microsoft Flight Simlulator :D If you like, I send it  ;)
(Hmm, I´m sorry , I don´t speak English very good  :D )

sEAhAwk fAn121

I haven't posted here in a while and I just wanted to say I love the work you're doing here.   :)

I love the Delta 738 and the Qantas 747. Keep up the amazing work!


Two weeks since the last update... when can we expect a release please? :)


Quote from: Yuyac on April 10, 2009, 04:17:38 AM
Two weeks since the last update... when can we expect a release please? :)
To speak with words spoken many times before, it will be released when it is ready.