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September 27, 2022, 11:30:27 AM

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Decision Board (Turn 19 Decisions Needed!)

Started by nedalezz, July 31, 2011, 05:04:46 AM

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Great, can't wait.

Maybe suggestion for Local produce would be at least 5% (in RL it would be much more, but it would fit in this concept).
The thing here is that, we don't buy quantities of goods, but their worth. Which means that in that sum all transaction expenses are included (transport costs - and bare in mind that we live on a faraway island; money exchange, preservation of goods etc).
In my opinion those costs would be much more than 5%(maybe even 33-45%), but it wouldn't be playable with this concept. It would be too easy.
So around 5%  for domestic products would be a fair bonus.
- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
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Nedal, don't forget to invest full amount of cash in all my businesses (I thing that you only invested 21.400 in WT - Edward ezamsi str. Please add additional 8.600)
I hope you considered the local production bonus. It's really required. At least 5-10% for the beginning.

As for Adella, what about that corporation idea. You haven't really commented on it. VIVAPANDA wanted to join in with his 20.000 plus he would be a CEO (Meaning I am willing to give him double or even tripple average salary + dividend, but farm no longer needs as many workers and yields double because he is a FARMER). Please say something on this and let him join. If you let him join the corp, then immidietly buy another parcel of land (another $25.000 = 5.000 Adella's and $20.000 Vivapanda's).

If he joins with 20.000, Adella owns 90% and Vivapanda 10% of WArgo Corp.
Adella will keep on issuing shares until she owns roughly 60%. So whoever wants to join, please step in. Doesn't matter which profession. There are a lot of Government workers that don't have anything to invest in, yet. So please join the corp.

P.S. I can't continue on my Factbook until you give me some feedback on it. I placed images that are readable...
- I take part in The Dunya Project Thumbs up for Nedalezz :)
- Favorite MD: The Winding River Project



Will do about the full investment :)

As for the corporation, I dont mind - its a player owned business, so you guys can work out the shares anyway you wish!

If vivapanda is going to be on site on the farmer, then yes, the farm will not need as many employees (as he is a farmer.) What I need to know is confirmation of how much vivapanda is willing to invest, and what will his salary be as CEO.


I'll pay off my current loan fully next turn.  Also, are we able to buy land in the Dunyan frontier for future use/sale?


Not yet, as such land is inhospitable and barren. But with the development in the north of the recent airport and power plant, the road that will lead up to it will all be up for sale at $1,000 per plot!