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Help with Mods

Started by Kenny Placido, July 25, 2015, 11:43:55 AM

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Kenny Placido


I'm new to game and downloaded some mods to help me out. I currently have the water and power mod, plopmatic9000, illegal money factory, BSC reward essential, and BSC essentials. With these mods, i still have a problem. When i go to add a recycling center, it take away half of my demands for residents. If i put another one in, they the population will go down completely. How do i fix that or do i have the wrong mod.

Also, is there a mod to get rid of the no job/long commute thing? My population always seems to cap after 350k.


I would avoid water and power mods. There are lots that effectively accomplish the same thing, and unfortunately the mods that remove those requirements often have unintended side effects. A couple good lots that I use are the Black Hole Water and Power Companies (and trash incinerator) by gshmails on the STEX (Found here).

After removing the power/water mod, plopmatic9000, and illegal money factory, go and download the Extra Cheats Mod.dll by Buggy on the STEX. It allows any money, as well as an option to plop any building in the game, or any lot, etc. It takes some practice to use all of it properly, but is a powerful debugging tool as well as a useful thing for making the "perfect" city. It also avoids the side effect of unintended consequences (for the most part) that using the money factory and plopmatic9000 may have.

Finally, as a fix for your commutes, download the NAM. It takes a bit to master, but the most basic of installations allows for a much smoother running city, along with a number of transit fixes that make your Sims smarter and make those massive highways you've built actually useful instead of just taking up extra money in your monthly budget. You can add in more features as you go along, to ease yourself into all of it, as trying out all of the features at once (some of which are mutually exclusive) can be a bit overwhelming.
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

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Kenny Placido

Thank you for the reply. I will try to use that mods you recommend. It may take a me a bit to get use to it. As for the NAM, is this the file you are referring too Please let me know.


Yes, that is the correct file. You will need to download and then extract and then install the mod. Follow the directions included in the readme, so that you don't get lost
Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

My Mayor Diary San Diego: A Reinterpretation