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Nova Vesfalo

Started by nova vesfalo, February 19, 2007, 09:32:26 AM

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Emperor Stormont

I awaited lovelyness and you indeed gave. I loved the bridge/port pic, very nice

and of course the station looked fabulous.

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 :thumbsup: Your cities are full of life and details, I see there is a lot of work in them and I like how you show your Updates :thumbsup:

just amazing!


probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


My friend, with each update, your city is increasingly marvellous  :thumbsup:

It's so beautiful  :o

Bravo mon ami  &apls


On behalf of His Holy Imperial Majesty Jerome Victor IV I would like to dispatch an official letter to Her Royal Majesty Anna II, queen of Nova Vesfalo.

We await your reply patiently.

Yours Faithfully



That port city layout is awesome, With the deep water stuff out to sea turning into a river with fishing boats, very cool!


Your waterfront areas are simply stunning, my friend! Great job! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

nova vesfalo

pipishere thanks sommerdomo is coming (need just a few LE thingy)
kwakelaar Thanks, I think that without Cavendish (thanks to PEI map :)) C-viktoria would have been a bit naked ^^
patfirefghtr Thanks, yeah those Somy ( do I am righ) ships are wonderful for Harbour area ! Giving more life !
bat Merci
belfastuniguythanks, content de voir que le pont te plaît
urbanthank you, weel I think Cavendish need more of small scale works, but there's a residential depression in C-Viktoria so I let it like that
SnaperMerci, je commence à aimer faire ces zones non "urbaine", c'est plustôt rigolo
YomanGlad you like the port layout, it's my first one :) , for the sea depth, it's a complete hazard, It was just to avoid cliff texture, happy to see it brings, and you were right, more realness to seaside
thundercrack83 thanks :)


Nova that offical letter is sweet looking, I had to do a double take on the crown as it looked like it was
flipping off someone LoL - pat

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Thank you Nova,

The Emperor is most pleased with your queens answer.
A formal reply with all Bells and whistles will follow shortly. :)



nice update! I really like the bare shorelines that you've developed, so realistic. I also like the coal plant with seaport...you do great things in this MD! I see that Nova Vesfalo and Stropon are sorting out diplomatic relations...the eyes of Osturland are watching to see if they might too benefit from such a relationship, it is being sent to committee as we speak!  ;D :D Keep up the good work  &apls

nova vesfalo

patfirefghtr thanks , my english isn't as great as I want I did'nt understood "it was
flipping off someone"
Strechnitz :)
Yoder7652thank a lot, It was my first seaport :) Without all those BATs we would not do such amazing things :)

Well Somerdom isn't finish and I don't know what come to my mind but I've decided to re-do Nova Vesfalo Parlementa Distriko, it was soo messy ....

nova vesfalo

the rebuilding of Parlemanta Distriko is progressing , I take the oportunity to add the Stroponian Ambassadory :)

Just after the opening of diplomatic relations between Nova Vesfalo and the Stroponian Empire, Her Majesty Anna II and the Government has choosen a location for the stromponian amabasadory : the Catela Casa, the palace of an old familly, built in a Toscanian Style in the center of the Capital. The last Heir of the Catela Family sold the building to the Hearst Trust in 1989. In 2001, an extension has been built in the garden, but 2 years later the Hearst trust decided to leave Nova Vesfalo, Imperial Authority to protect the Catela Casa bought the building, but never used it. Catela Casa was the right spot for Stroponian ambasadory !


Nova that is a wonderfull update and about "flipping someone off" is anther way of saying giving some one the bird or sticking up your middle finger lol... its all good though....

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That is a very nice downtown composition. The buildings are prefectly spaced, and mix of tall and lower buildings look totally realistic. The photoshopping is nice too: very subtle, but enhances the look. &apls

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Fantastic pictures of that area! Like the night shot! :thumbsup:


Wonderful update nova. I like the park behind the embassy it is simple but surrounded by those buildings this is an attractive place. Very beautiful.

Where did you get the embassy ?


Very nice update.  The pictures of your DT is very nice the way you have added some park paths between the buildings.  Nice of you to keep the city green. LOL.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Your updates never cease to impress me, my friend! Great work! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!

Emperor Stormont

Wonderful update indeed.

The Imperial Government is currently discussing the opening of diplomatic relations with Nova Vesfalo in light of the current developments regarding the SCJU and the wish of the Imperial Kingdom to further realtions with other nations.

Update will follow soon....

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Wonderful  :o :o

I love this style of city enormously, and with the effects of photoshop, that makes even more beautiful  &apls &apls

Bravo mon ami, tes parcs donnent vraiment bien  :thumbsup: