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September 27, 2022, 09:26:25 PM

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Basics of elevated railway

Started by A_1P, December 10, 2020, 09:07:20 AM

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Hi everyone, I am looking into using the elevated railway in my cities but I am definitely failing at it.

I am currently running NAM38 and looked into some older tutorials using former NAM versions, but a great deal seems to have changed. I tried to use some of the tips from this video: but they did not work.

Is there a newer manual or ducumentation I could use to get into elevated railways a bit better?

At the moment I am not managing to get a T-crossing from elevated rail over avenue to avenue or road.


Hello there.

First of all, you could (should) be using the version 39 which was recently released, and not the 38. it is used the same way, but has more functionalities and better stability.

Regarding the station, I fear it is not compatible with the RD-4. the station it self is overhanging, so you can draw across, but the model may not fit well.

On the right side, I fear the same, that the desired intersection you are trying is not available yet.

A good source of info is here:

not fully updated, as far as I know, but has a load of great information on it.


Thanks for that gn_leugim, unfortunately i did not yet find the time to go over how to update to the latest NAM and actually do it but i will probably soon ;)

I went through the NAM Documentation and did not find too much on the El Rail. The video I included in the first post (I know it was for a NAM32 teaser and not yet implemented then) suggested that these features are under development. That's why I was wondering whether that is included by now and if there is more detailed documentation on it.


Updating the NAM is something we'd recommend, but it's not going to resolve these issues.

So gn_leugim is correct, the station you are trying to use is designed for use with the regular El-Rail lines only, it can't work with the ElRail Over XX networks. Within the NAM should exist one station for RD-4 (CTA Morgan Lake) and 2 for Road (Ashland and Madison Wells), which are specifically designed to work with these networks.

See the file NAM Transit Stations Manual.pdf, inside the OLD folder of the NAM .zip download. This will show step by step how to use the various NAM stations correctly. You may also find some of the Overhanging stations shown in the PDF are also suitable for El-Rail Over XX use. They will work, but how nice they work I can't say, I never personally tried it.

Note a lot of legacy documentation is present here too, which may not yet be included in the main Readme, which is being redesigned from the ground up.

Quote from: gn_leugim on December 10, 2020, 12:53:17 PM
On the right side, I fear the same, that the desired intersection you are trying is not available yet.

It should work, but right now you are probably too close to the transition to make the override work. The video you initially linked is still current for this feature. If I remember, you just need to drag a road intersection out from the RD-4/Ave, then link this to the correct puzzle piece (El Over RD menu). I'm pretty sure that exact setup is shown in the video.


Thank you very much for getting back to me. I figured most of the things out by now!