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The Eternal RTMT New Features Poll

Started by z, September 15, 2008, 01:46:45 AM

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Which new feature would you like to see next in RTMT?

RTMT stations for elevated roadways
16 (7.3%)
RTMT stations for diagonal roads and avenues
40 (18.3%)
RTMT stations for basic turning lanes
17 (7.8%)
RTMT stations for NWM
83 (38.1%)
More customization in selecting road markings
6 (2.8%)
Rural Road Bus Stops
6 (2.8%)
RTMT stations for FAR
8 (3.7%)
Customized sidewalk textures
10 (4.6%)
RTMT stations for T-RAM in Streets
16 (7.3%)
Automated station customization
6 (2.8%)
RTMT stations for TuLeps
10 (4.6%)

Total Members Voted: 218


This poll is designed to let the RTMT Team know what its users want.  The entries in the poll are based on the features listed in the first post of the New Additions to RTMT thread.  The more people who answer this poll, the more we will have an idea of which features are in greatest demand.  The feature that is the most popular is not guaranteed to be implemented next, as other matters such as ease of implementation come into play.  But this poll will be of great assistance to us in deciding the order of feature implementation.  "RTMT Stations for Underground Rail" is not on this list, as it is mostly completed and is already scheduled as the first major addition.

As proposed features are implemented, they will be removed from this list; as other features are proposed and accepted for consideration by the RTMT Team, they will be added to this list.  We may decide, upon further investigation, not to implement certain features, in which case they will be removed from this list as well.  The poll will keep continuing; thus the name "The Eternal RTMT New Features Poll."  So vote early, vote often!  You can always change your vote, especially if your favorite feature ends up being implemented.  If you want a feature not listed in this poll, please post in the New Additions to RTMT thread, describing what you want in detail.