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August 07, 2022, 08:37:54 PM

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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Hi, &apls

You Sir, are an Inspiration.!!

I really Hope that this is a Proper thing to Do in YOUR thread. But i wanted to show off your Work. Also the Work of The Tree Controller. WOW to Both Creators.!

All I did Was Paint . Your Region IS going to Be a JOY to Build on. and BIG does not do it Justice. Took some doing, But ALL I have left to ...Load, pause, Plant trees, Save to Region. is 15 city tiles!!!!!!!!. this is where I am at.

The First Pic I save of the Region Was Full and Weighed in @ 28 meg..:) I only saved this @ 1024 instead of the 8132x4119 that it really is.OMG

Again I just wanted to Say THANK YOU.! You have done some Serious work here. And i will try to keep to the Spirit you have set Forth, while I build.


Let me just start by saying welcome back David! I've been watching 3RR develop since it's days WAAAaaaaayyy back in ST, and I have NEVER been anything less than amazed at the beauty and realism that you and those who work with you have brought to this game! I have read your posts regarding plugin customization with great interest, but I can honestly say that my plugins folder has become a haven for literally hundreds of different custom buildings. I feel as though the plugins folder has grown out of control, and it is becoming impossible to even try and build my cities because of the HUGE amount of customizable buildings and such present. Has there been ANY type of program released over the last few years that would allow me to somehow better organize my plugins? Thanks for your responses everyone!


Possibly this, but I could not get it to work on Windows 7 (didnt spend much time on it)

I have just spun through about 100 pages of this thread and am just very impressed, amazing things are still happening as well even though the game is long in the tooth which is great.

I have a question though, waaaay back there was a lot of excited discussion about large ploppable water, and a download attached to the forum post, just wondered if that project had moved on, is available somewhere I cant find or ok to use as is ? - I really want to forget about the in game water and use a decent ploppable but havent found anything thus far I like/can use/understand.

Gonna download the region map and take a look though, still circling round making a start on something substantial :)



I hope David doesn't mind me popping in herewith a quick answer to your question about large plop water, but yes such a thing exists and yes it works fairly well.  David (with some help, I seem to recall) created (2) large plops, one is a 3x4 plop, the other is a 9x12.  The color/transparancyis compatible to the Edmonton plops, I'm pretty sure, although I may have that wrong, maybe it's compatible with jeronij's Dark Blue Transparant PW.  The large plops are fairly easy to use, only real trick is if you lay more than one plop (i.e. a bunch of plops all abutting each other), you need to first make sure the ground is all exactly flat and level (not too hard to do using single street tiles, one on each game cell) to avoid little lines of the underlying terrain from showing through area of mis-matched elevation.  In my (now sleeping) MD "Abajo del Mar", I detailed a very large lake, which spread over 4 different large city tiles, using the large PW's, so you may want to check that out for hints on how to use them.  The MD is currently in the "Inactive" thread on the Mayor Diaries forum here on SC4D. 

If the link you found here on 3RR no longer works, PM me and I will email you copies.  Be advised the large PW's David made never progressed past "beta" stage, but they do work pretty good.  Only glitch I found in using them is that sometimes they disappear in wide zooms and rotations, but return in close zooms, which, if you are trying to take pics for inclusion in an MD, can be a problem.  Sometimes logging out of the game and then relogging back in solves the problem, but it does seem a bit random.  I found it a small annoyance and small price to pay for the convenience of being able to create large above sea level bodies of fresh water.  Plop the 9x12's first, then go around the edges with the 3x4's, then fine tune the beaches with 2x2, 1x1, and .5x.5 and yeah, pretty sure now the large plops match jeronij's smaller PW's.

And David, if your reading this, how about creating a green and brown version of the large PW's to match jeronij's green and brown PW's????



QuoteNow why, you might ask, did I not simply migrate on to PhotoShop or, probably even better, The Gimp?  Take a slightly less finished but still modifiable master map file before Road_Map-071022-4 and just convert it over to a new program's format?  Well, because you can't.  There is no other program out there that imports graphics files saved with the .PSP extension.

sorry I didnt answer to this statement earlier then now... but have you tried OpenOffice  .... I am sure that it opens PSP files... there is a plugin for it that lets you save in photoshop and ai formats. layers and all...

Smile Y'all

Ramona Brie

Quote from: BourneID on February 05, 2011, 08:57:49 PM
sorry I didnt answer to this statement earlier then now... but have you tried OpenOffice  .... I am sure that it opens PSP files... there is a plugin for it that lets you save in photoshop and ai formats. layers and all...

Would XnView (which is like a Swiss army knife of image formats) help?


Hi, everyone.

Just when we thought everything was under control for a while, my 14 month old grandson Aidan was diagnosed with a cancerous (although there is still a small possibility of revisiting that) brain tumor.

Aidan and mom on first day at the hospital

The last couple of weeks, then, my focus has been elsewhere.  I apologize to all for the extended absence- it has been hard to even think of enjoying myself here in light of the situation.

Aidan will have a surgery during the coming week that will likely provide us with a lot of answers.  We're awfully nervous- I'd ask that folks would cross their fingers for this little guy and his parents.

* * *

3RR's fifth birthday is four weeks from today.  Thanks to everyone for keeping the dream going!



D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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Do not apologize for being absent. :( I am really sorry to hear this and I hope everything goes without complication. :)


EDIT: Thank you, marsh. -de


There is certainly no need to apologize for putting family first! You are in my family's prayers and I hope that everything turns out okay. I noticed you said 14yrs, but the picture shows that of a toddler..did you mean to put 14 months? Either way, it is still too young to have to deal with something of this magnitude..I will pray for GOD'S blessings to be showered without restraint upon your grandchild and his family! Be strong, take as long as you need away from here and know that we will all be here waiting faithfully for your return!

EDIT: Corrected, my friend.  Thank you for catching that and for your kind thoughts. -de


David sorry to hear the situation there my friend... My aunt had beaten brain cancer and I have strong feelings about when ever I hear that someone else has been struck with it!!! Aidan has a great and strong grandpa and grandma and of course parents too, so I know you all will beat this for sure!!! Im praying for you man!!!

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


David--my thoughts and prayers will be with Aidan and your family, my friend. If there's anything you need or if you just want to talk, we're all here for you.



No apologies necessary, I'm really sorry to hear about this.  Take care, I hope everything goes smoothly!  :)


Nothing wrong with taking time off for family. We'd worry if you didn't. We'll be here.


Such terrible sad news.  There is no fairness in life.  My heart cries out for him, you and your whole family.



Oh no, that's terrible! My thoughts are with him, such horribleness. As Buck said life is definitely not fair.

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Bad news to read. I wish you and your family much, much strength !!!!!

Family first!
I don't need to know everything, I only need to know someone who knows!

letum aut libertas



Oh, I'm very sorry to hear about that.  My heart goes out to you, David.  Remember, SC4 is a game.  Family is more important than a game, so I don't blame you at all for the absence.
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David, all of us are here with You ...


Such bad news :( I hope the doctors will find a way to cure your grandson...
Take care,
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Oh dear, that's really bad news David   ()sad()  I wish you and your grandson all of the best.

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