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eggman's Misc Modding

Started by eggman121, June 25, 2017, 07:04:00 PM

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Just dusting off this thread  ;)

No fooling. This is still in active development so it won't feature for some time, (NAM 37).

While I have your attention, you can suggest viaduct pieces for myself to model since the whole SAM range will eventually get covered  $%Grinno$%

Preferably links to google maps would be helpful :)



Don't you think this song looks really appropriate for this... breakthrough?  &hlp &apls :bnn:


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Too cool. I was only thinking last night what a shame it is to have to use the herringbone red brick bridges because there is no better match for SAM3. Seeing as about 98% of my region is SAM3 and 99% is SAM-something or other, this is very exciting news.


This development of SAM is very cool!
Another would be "NVM" as well to develop.
There is one discrepancy in this picture: САМ-3 is a dirt road, and there is no soil on a brick bridge.


Well, I'd assume the dirt on the road would spread across a paved bridge as well, maybe not as evenly as the textures imply. ;)

Really promising work here! :)


I can tell you from personal experience small amounts of dirt on this type of bridge blows off immediately.  And if somebody decides to dump a foot of dirt on such bridge, it blows off eventually....

I know of an entire dirt road in Arkansas where the state did this back in the early 80s when I was a kid.  It was my dad's bus route, so I was very familiar with it.  Before the 3rd year, the dirt on the bridges was gone, blown and washed out.   It was essentially a foot up/down hill to get onto the (concrete) bridge.

Ahh, the brilliance of back-woods highways and those who construct them.


There is a suggestion:
Make dirt only at the entrance to the bridge, and then concrete slabs.
My opinion is that it will be more natural.


This looks so natural that it wasn't until the third look I realised what this was and how impressive it actually is. Wow :o
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Very nice work, but I agree with the opinion of jaredh. I do not think dirt would stay on deck for long. In any case, this is very promising! &apls


This is great  ;D Keep it up !



Hello Everyone

I would like to showcase some of the workings that I have been doing over the past few days...

#1) Catenaries

The catenaries are going to become a thing for the RRW! They will however be limited to minicurve, Flextrack and ERRW pieces. No Puzzle pieces will have Wires on them! So please don't request that functionality.

Now that is out of the way I have sorted most of the mechanics with cohorts and the alike to make the catenaries and poles work. As for the actual models none of these are BATs  ;D I can export True 3d Models through a special secret :-X with Gmax.

The wires will be standard but the Poles will eventually be interchangeable by making the IIDs and models in separate files. That way if someone wants different variants can be made. A standard set will start off this mod however.

#2) E-SAM

The E-SAM will have two variants and will be designed to blend in with the current SAM networks. Currently slated for NAM 37. I have adjusted to Roadbase to make it look more Realistic and add flavor to the relevant SAM networks.

I hope you have all enjoyed this edition of eggman's Misc Modding



All looking good! Will I have to wait all the way to NAM 37 for those catenaries? They are looking superb! (You say no puzzle pieces will have them, what about Bridges?(or are they classed as the same thing?))


Catenaries are looking awesome  :o  Can't wait to get my hands on them! Keep up all the great work with everything  :thumbsup:


These are amazing things! I'm really looking forward to the release. This is not enough.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thread  %%Order?/ Now!

I am still working on the wires. A simplification was needed too make the props more suitable in more areas of the mod.

Here is a picture of the current progress...

Starting simple with the minicurves will mean that I can get the fundamentals right and than I can progress onto flextrack. I have been able to cover most of Flex Track with the current few Items I have made. The project is fully True 3d and textures on the poles can be interchanged to emulate different styles of poles found around the world.




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The catenaries and catenary wires look fantastic! They really add to the realism of the rrw  :thumbsup: