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[Waiting for Modders] Project Rambat

Started by ChiefZDN, March 08, 2017, 05:25:39 AM

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Hello players,

I will show you a menu management project. As we know, the SimCity 4 menu need some improvement, such as better menu hierarchy. And, this problem partially solved by the DAMN and MMLs. However, this fix is limited because those mod can't manipulate the menu system deeply (a sorry from me).

Now, this problem will be solved by Project Rambat. Yeah, this mod (and the name) is inspired by the Project Akar (a SC13 mod). The project name is from Indonesian word 'merambat' mean 'spread'. While the Project Akar name is from Indonesian (and Malay) word 'akar' which mean root (both are relevant, aren't?). The system is divided into 2 types, 'normal' sub-menu & context sub-menu.

Normal sub-menu work like the SC3000 menu which display a menu beside selected item category. But, in SC4 fashion manner. The sub-menu toggle is a lot menu but as said before, when left-clicked it displaying a menu. The sub-menu can contain sub-menu, sub-sub-menu (sorry for weird word) can contain sub-menu. This is can applied (example) to the NAM Puzzle Piece menu (including the RHW Puzzle Piece) and the Pedmall.

Context sub-menu work like the normal sub-menu but it require right-click to display a menu. This is can applied (example) to the SAM texture selector.

Due to some reason, I can't upload the screen. However, if you interested to the imaginary, I will explain it.

The menu is like the Windows menu. But, it colored blue (or whatever, depending on the theme). Normal menu show in the right of the lot button. And, context menu show in the cursor. Normal menu is a menu that require the user select it. Context menu is a optional menu (the user may not select it).

However, this is need a DLL knowledge. I am not a DLL modding master. I want DLL modder, like Simmaster07. If you're DLL modding & interested, please reply this topic.

Thank you.


I would like to see a screenshot of what you're describing.

Unfortunately, the GUI for SimCity 4 is pretty locked down in that respect. That's why we have to rely on DAMN and advisor Lua scripts -- as far as I know, there is no way to modify the menus in the game to allow for deep nesting.

Still, I would like to see what the others have to say. Perhaps it could be possible with some DLL patch, but even then it would feel jerry-rigged