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Asimov's SC4-impressions

Started by Asimov, June 20, 2007, 01:25:12 AM

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You show some wonderfull pictures here Asimov. Your playing style is very pleasant. The rivers banks are great, and your transport lay out is very well done  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


The transit systems are very organic and realistic, not many run of the mill grids there.  Waterfront shots are very nice.

I saw a shot a few updates back, of some farms, covered with Pedriana Farms.  The big grey ones with silos along the main drags to the bottom left and bottom right.

I really suggest you, and anyone else who doesn't have it or a similar mod, to get this by bones1; http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?id=13977.


Your transportation network continues to impress, the service yard looks great.

Despite the high population, the area doesn't look cluttered with a nice use of parks and trails.

Well done Asimov  :thumbsup:


Wonderful updates, Asimov! Great work! :thumbsup:


Fantastic pics! I like your layout. Looking forward to more.


Welcome back to a new Update after a short interuption. As an compensation, you get some pictures more today. (The City has grown to 290.000 People till now)

@BossOx: As you can see in the later updates, those farms where there only as placeholders anyway, most of them have been consumed by the growing city already. But you're not the only one who pointed theat out, thats why I installed the "Rural Variety Pack" from the STEX and started the experiment with New Norwich, the agrucultural town from some weeks ago.

Everybod else: Thanks four your encouraging comments, glad you like the City.

As usual; Some Overview-shots for the start:

The Center is growing and prospering despite the lack of land

The new Stadium

The new designed Shore-Area in the western part of the City

The Opera

Living and Working with Scenic-Seaside-look

The port

Again the port, featuring the Coalpower-Plant

The Neighbourhood around the port

The second half of todays update is gonna show some random night-shot pics from all over the twon:


Congratulations on passing the 300,000 mark as I'm sure you've done by now!
It's a nice-looking city you have there. You've done a good job of balancing all the elements such as high-rises, neighborhoods, parks, I, C and so on. I especially like the seawalls, but everything fits together very nicely.
And great photos, too. Love the night shots.

Until next time...


Just helping to fight the good fight against overwhelming Maxis content.  ;D

Your city has a very natural, organic and realistic look, the road layout is logical but I see little evidence of any grid.  The modern foreshore it contrasted very well with the older CBD which has a smattering of older Euro BATs. 



A wonderful new update! You have there a great city! :thumbsup:


After several weeks of absence I finally found some time to play SC and continue with Auckland. As a first prove of lieve I have 2 pictures for you, showing Downtown and a new Park. The City has grown to 420.000 Inhabitants.

More pictures will follow in the next days.


Welcome back, Asimov! Glad to see you're still posting here. Your pictures look great, I love your use of the seawalls! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!


Nice CBD and beautiful park. I have a chunk of real estate about the same size and shape in one of my cities, and you've given me an idea what to do with it.
And glad to see you back in fantasy land. Hope you can stick around for a while this time!  :thumbsup:

Until next time...


Welcome back! And great new picture! Also great picture of that park! :thumbsup:


Here are the promised pictures, which are also the last Update of Central Auckland. The next Updates will show the surrounding maps, containing the Outskirts of the City.

Overview from all 4 directions:

The Downtown

An Officecluster at the Southern at of Downtown

Art, Culture and Education, all at the same spot: The Art-Hall, a large Cinema and one of the Citys Colleges.

A part of the Ring-Freeway, south of Downtown

The Citypark, the largest open space of the City

Again the Citypark, this time from a bit closer

An example of fluid trasisitons between Residential and Industrial/Commercial-Areas, a too strict seperation looks too artificial in my opinion.

A part of the Metro-Network, this time not as Sub or Elevated, but sunken.

Driver-Rookies hate this place: The largest Highway-Interchange in the City.

A green oasis: The Golf-Cub

The largest Shoppingmall in the City

The Skyscrapercanyons of Downtown, the Princess-Tower has grown by itself, the first time I saw that :)

And as conclusion, some Night-shots:


Huge update, my friend! Your city looks amazing! The highways and the rails going through are spectacular! Keep up the good work!


I enjoyed looking through your diary. I like the concentration of tall buildings in your central business district.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Indeed you are doing a very good job of integrating all the elements in a natural-looking way. Those are some really nice photos you've taken, but I'm still a sucker for nighttime shots! :thumbsup:

Until next time...


Fantastic overviews of your city! Also the other pictures are great!
Beautiful looking night pictures! :thumbsup:


Hi Asimov,

I have enjoyed looking at your MD pics. You seem to have a good sense of space and integration. Looking forward to more.  :thumbsup:



Hello everybody and welcome to a new update of my MD, showing the first pictures of South Auckland. I'm currently working on the Traffic-Infrastructure, the actual Buildings will follow later. Therefore so far there is not much to be seen, nontheless NAM-Fans should find this pictures entertaining.


The Harbour

The Auckland-Canal towards Downtown

One of the two Access-Routes to the Canal-Tunnel

Avenue-Crossing on 3 Levels....

A Bridge along one of the two Main-Southbound-Routes