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January 26, 2022, 05:54:12 AM

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Author Topic: Bordertown - Challenge 3 by tooheys  (Read 1731 times)

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Offline tooheys

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Bordertown - Challenge 3 by tooheys
« on: April 25, 2009, 12:56:32 AM »


Well the north it is for me, I just couldn't betray the farming communities. It also is the more scenic area and most
importantly is home to the region's power station. Although the main water supply is now in the hands of the separatists,
there is plenty of water available from alternate sources across Bordertown, north or south.

Rte 43 is the latest extension to the road network. It was originally planned to create a ring road by linking Rte 87 and
Rte 10 to the south, but in the end this was scrapped as it did not open up any more land. So the decision was made
to create a coastal loop to the northeast, providing access to the final two untouched areas.

Current Regional population

R:  3,113
C:  1,246
I:   2,770

There are 3 growing towns in the Bordertown Region:-

Munmorah Steps (Tile B)

Located on the northside, Munmorah Steps is a small rural town. Apart from farming, the only other industry, although still related,
is the abbatoir on the outskirts of town.

Current population

R:  942
C:  419
I:   507

Bancoft Crossing(Tile E)

The largest town in Bordertown, it was expected that it would become the capital until recent events destabilised
the region. North of the river is mostly agriculture although the regions powerplant is also located here.

To the south is a developing industrial area and some commercial. There is residential development on both sides
of the river and on the islands. A number of road bridges link the north and south.

The South

The North

Current population

R:  1,808
C:    462
I:     980

Bancroft Ponds(Tile G)

Home to the regions main water supply. A small industrial based town has grown in the Ponds area.

Current population

R:    363
C:    365
I:  1,283

The Bridges

The roads leading to two bridges to the North have been cut by the separatists. With little to no military in the area,
the separatists hijacked loads of farm equipment heading north and have used this to enforce their blockade.
Cross these bridges without permission and you will be mown down, literally.

Rte 87 - Tile D

Rte 10 and Rail - Tile F

The only crossing that remains is in Bancroft Crossing (Tile E)

The separatists to the south present as an unfriendly lot compared to their counterparts to the North.
Barbed wire fences, intimidation, body searches. They are happy to let the undesirables out, but very
few people are allowed in.

To the north, the farmers are a lot more relaxed, no interrogations here. However the road thru the
checkpoint area is covered in manure and other animal landmines. If you are prepared to walk barefoot
across that, then you are certainly suited to the region. Welcome.

To the left of the separatists checkpoint is my home, tooheys manor, well it was before I packed up and
moved across to the north. Not two hours after I left it was occupied by the scumbag deputy mayor
although he soon departed when he found he was in rotten tomato range from the other bank.

At the moment the north is preparing for bad times ahead. Rumours that an evil warlord is about to
take control of the separatists does little to help morale, but the north will persist thru these dark
times (I hope).

Mayor tooheys

Offline lynncanox

Re: Bordertown - Challenge 3 by tooheys
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2009, 10:32:20 AM »
Nice update You made. I like the "douane", I think it is border in english? Good luck. Today I will be the Governess, Fred is gone fishing.


«Thank you for your update.

We have now taken note and copied the pictures of your challenge 3, it will be judged after the deadline.
Now you can do whatever you wish to do within your regionhalf only, but make sure not to overbuild it comparing to the rest of the region. It might give you some serious problems later on.
You do NOT have the right to touch anything of the part that belongs to the Separatists.

Challenge 4 will be partially given by your adversary and you will give a challenge to someone else. Who will be challenging who and the matter of the challenge will be discussed in the Challenge 4 thread once everyone has turned in their part of this challenge.

Are you ready to be told what to do by a Separatist and a Governor? Good luck and we hope you enjoyed this one.

Lynn and Fred»
judge of GRV 2 Challenge

Offline jmyers2043

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Re: Bordertown - Challenge 3 by tooheys
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2009, 04:55:50 PM »
Cross these bridges without permission and you will be mown down, literally.

That gave me a good laugh. Thanks  :D   This bordertown project is so entertaining. I like your tile B pictures.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)

Offline lynncanox

Re: Bordertown - Challenge 3 by tooheys
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2009, 10:01:54 AM »
Challenges are getting harder to do, so does the judging, and we soon need more time to judge the challenges. I know this took awhile but we have been working on it for quite awhile and since our judging is being done separately, we have to bring them together before presenting the final results. Thank you for being patient. So here it is.

A.  Although route 43 was more or less well placed, but the fact that it turns in a circle wasn't quite expected. We gave therefore satisfactory points of 3 to you for the route challenge.
B.  Since the decisions to separate was done quite quickly, you have managed to create such a situation well. The details of the road and rail cutoffs were well done. We gave you 4 points for the cutoff challenge.
C.  Your region has been nicely developped and we really like the way you plant your trees in your agricultural areas. The farms are a little to *even*, maybe some more different shapes and sizes would have helped. We liked the village with the railstation picture. Very good work. We gave you a solid 4 for the regional works.

A Total of 11 Points were added to your challenge.

Your story and explanation were entertaining. Next time turn off the grid before taking pictures because it will be judged aestethically. Good luck with the separatists.

Lynn and Fred
judge of GRV 2 Challenge