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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Hi David ,

Fabulous , as always ... most of all , an inexhaustible source of inspiration . I'm attracted  more and more by these scenes . I even wonder if AntiGone isn't in danger : I'm losing day after day my desire to work on urban environment  %wrd... I hope this is just a phase cause if it's not  you'll be guilty ! ;D

°   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °   °



you will excuse me if I cannot express my opinion on you job...... I've run out of superlatives!!!!! ;D

Your screenshots are awesome!!! &apls



 &apls Fantastic river you have done . It`s so realistic that i`m not sure is a real game pics  ;D Each time that i think nothing will be more beautifull somebody like put the standard higher and higher . Great great pics and job :thumbsup:


3RR continues to impress. What a wonderful mosaic. Wish I was there to enjoy it in RL! Great update :-)
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Been a few days since I stopped by here (computer problems), and yowza, that's some pretty cool stuff I missed.  That mosaic of Liv's Creek is absolutely amazing!  And being a roadgeek, the transportation update was definitely an entertaining read.  You've really put a lot of thought and care into your region.  Congrats, Liv, for getting "on the map" with your 600th post, and congrats, David, for continually doing amazing things with SC4.



good afternoon, sir.   :)   <gmt+8 here in the Philippines, and probably as HOT as it is COLD there lol>
       i just started reading the md on 3rr. im up to page 12 and going in one sitting. man, i cant remember the last time i was so hooked into reading so much technical/historical information. and the truth is that im enjoying every bit of it. im even annoyed at myself that i read too slow or that i have to re-read something i misunderstood because i want to learn the next thing you have to share. one thing, it never crossed my mind that going out to post and not be a lurker can be good for the author. before, i didnt bother because i was afraid of saying something goofy or stupid. anyway, great work! it's been great learning! thanks so much. i hope you never get tired of what you're doing for the sc4 community.  &apls &apls

on to page 12-current  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


page 17 in one sitting and im still reading like an eager beaver  &apls interesting and very educational, you and your creations, sir! keep it up! be back tom for 17-current  :thumbsup:


D. Edgren

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Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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ahhhhhh shucks thank you david for making such a great tuturiols and your hard work - pat

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     We should be thanking you for everything you have posted.    I for one find this MD comforting.     I sit and relax and de-stress looking at and reading this MD.     I have told you this many times before.    This place is like home to me and you have made me (and everone that comes here) feel like family.     It is a nightly ritual for me, to come here and read the day's posts with a cup of tea.   (Yup Tea Cat a cuppa)    If I miss a day I am very upset and hurry to get here as soon as I can.    Thanks again for creating a wonderful place to come and be entertained and to be relaxed at the same time.     


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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I agree with Gaston: We should be thanking you! It's obvious that you've been able to touch so many people here, not only with 3RR, but with your overall presence throughout all the topics in the forum. Like Gaston, I, too, have made 3RR, and SC4D  in general, a major part of my daily activities, and it's always a pleasure just waiting to see what you're going to next. All the clichés and superlatives that I can think of don't quite give your work justice, but I'll hit you with one anyway: Keep up the good work! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to write a paper on United States Foreign Economic Policy.

Until the next update,


P.S.: I'm still curious to see where Thunder Bay is on the big map, but no rush!


ok i finally caught up to page 33!  ;D and i must say that i had to take a deep breath because i must have been holding it in since i continued reading from page 17. i dont know what to say next. the tutorials, the shameless eye candies, the background information and the community you have "founded" ... wow. i dont know how to give justice to what you do for the sc4 community. EPIC and OVERWHELMING at times  ..what you create. wow. phew.  &apls :thumbsup: your work is so convincing! wow. i want to call the airline to book me a flight! hahaa incredible. i hope you never get tired of what you do.


Well David, not long from now you'll have 10000 views.  I never followed any CJ at ST but I can't believe you got this kind of response.  I'll throw in with Thunder! and Gaston.  (If Thunder! bugs you Dustin, I'll quit, but... Thunder!)  Thanks, I'm getting into things I wouldn't without your aid.  The tools are simple after your tutorials.  And I've headed out to the reader already, to give the lots some identifiable names.  And the SC4Tool is awesome, got most of my lots where I want them in the menu.  All thanks to your gentle guidance.

BTW, being a half-century old, (well next month, hint hint) I remember the late 60's and 70's when the glaciers were on the move and it was colder on average than ever in recorded history.  I remember some scientist wanting to heat up the pole by dropping ordinance there.  Really!  I also remember that my physics teacher told me by 2007 we would deplete the world's known oil deposits. 

Well here we are, plenty of gas and it's a tad hotter than it used to be.  The world goes on.  And on another note, in 1979, in Chi Town, I saw the snow higher than the telephone poles.  If the ruts didn't take you there, you couldn't go.  Man Chicago is one cold city.

I'm rambling.  As always, excellent job.   &apls to the king of MD's
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*drool* I love that image.

Did you miss me? :P I've been busy with real life, so that's why...

Lovely work as always, David. It's quite enjoyable seeing you make your way through SC4, redefining the boundaries. Indeed, you and Mr.Cinatit would make a formidable team.
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I've been working, along with the 3RR backstory, on an associated document I'm calling the 3RR Gazetteer.  The Gazetteer will be a regional placename list, along with location and descriptive information.  As Dustin (thundercrack83) had asked about the location of Thunder Bay, I thought I'd work up that entry.

  • Thunder Bay (Unincorporated Place - NE Quad South Cold Twp - lat. 48° 50' 39" N / lon. 95° 07' 10" W - elev. 843 ft/257 m amsl.)  Thunder Bay is a small urbanized area and associated environs located on the southern shore of Cold Lake about .25 miles/.4 kilometers W of the outflow into Cold River.  It takes its name from the bay on which it fronts.  Population (2000 est.): 375.  Local Government:  None.  Police and Fire:  Regional Trooper Post #317, Rural Fire Service Station #43.  Medical Services:  Privately run open to public emergency care facility.  Postal Service:  Rural Postal Station #16.  Air Service:  None.  Rail Service:  None (Abandoned 1951).  History and General Information:  There are records of persons inhabiting the Thunder Bay area and a small store being located there dating back to the 1840s.  By 1850, and as a result of the discovery of the rich Cold Lake fishery, the Cold Lake-Hotham Riverboat Line was established, and Thunder Bay, as the first stop on the lake after transiting the Cold River, quickly became a small regional center for the other Cold Lake shoreline communities and surrounding farmed areas.  The Pineshore-Cold Lake Railroad reached the area in the 1870s and, for a time, it appeared that Thunder Bay, despite the railroad having caused the failure of the riverboat line, would become a substantial community.  These dreams died, however, when the rural road system, by the early 1900s, had developed to the point where the fishery's catch and farming harvest could be trucked directly to market in Pineshore.  The railroad ended regular passenger service in the 1930s and was abandoned about 20 years later.  Thunder Bay's population in 1940 was about 75 people.  Things, however, began to look up by the 1970s, as Thunder Bay began a revival based on sport fishing, the establishment of several nearby resorts, and from the development of associated services businesses.  The area also became an increasingly popular location for shoreline second homes.  With the opening in 1981 of F-17, which has an exit just .5 miles/.8 kilometers from Thunder Bay, some daily commuting even began, although it is likely that rapidly rising real estate prices, along with the fact that much of the environs remains under cultivation, will serve to limit this trend.

* * *

So, Dustin, there you have it.  Thunder Bay- sounds like a nice place.  Here's where it is located

* * *

Adoption hearing today.  Maybe more progress on the tutorial tonight, for sure tomorrow.


D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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well i know for sure that i will be looking to see the devolpment of Thunder Bay,
btw does the medical service include ambulance or is it run by FD lol - pat

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It's great that the "reply" button is here, it's an honor to try to make a comment worthy of your memory.

Anyways, there is a town named "Thunder Bay" about 9 hours drive from where I live. Pop. 153,000 give or take.

But there are no grizzlies....

Great Background, btw!

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Thank you so much! I didn't mean for you to do it right now, I was just curious and thought you could do it when you had some spare time. I love Thunder Bay's location on Cold Lake there, it looks like it's going to quite the fishing spot. As long as the lake freezes over enough for people to play hockey on it, I'll be happy! Also, I love the "3RR Gazetteer" idea, too, it reminds me of the World Almanacs I used to read in elementary school. Another great idea! Anyway, good luck on the adoption hearing tomorrow and I'll be waiting for the next part of the tutorial!

Take care,


petercintn: "Thunder!" doesn't bother me at all, you can continue calling me that if you choose. I find it funny, too!

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Livin in Sim

David, I must apologize.  When I saw Liv's Creek a few days ago, I was speechless.  Believe me, you could probably count upon one hand the times in Liv's life that she has been rendered verbally inoperative.  I thought, "Yes, I must think of some phenomenal comment to do it justice..."   ()what()  "OK, it's been two days...I know any it minute now it will come..."   ()what()  "OK, I've got it now..."  "It" is that there isn't any way I can do it justice.  Please just click back, take another enjoyable look at David's work on Liv's creek and let it speak for itself.  Here's the linkie: sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=112.620


I just noted that 3RR is now closing in on an AMAZING 10.000 views. And every time I check out this thread there's a gazillion anonymous guests reading it too.

This is more than just a journal - it's a place to hang out and meet new friends.

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