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Three Rivers Region

Started by dedgren, December 20, 2006, 07:57:49 PM

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Well David,   

Another year and another page.     It really doesn't suprise me that this MD has come so far.   As I have always said, this place is like home.  And people always want to come home.    Soon we will be at 10K views.   And then another celebration can begin.     Congrats again my friend.   


Thanks Thundercrack for opening the door.     Yup I was waiting around just to post #700


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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congrats on 700! and another page in this wonderful journey &apls
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 :thumbsup: Great update nice to see all the greatness of 3RR history, Also Happy Birthday 3RR! (Hopefully it doesn't start looking like a monkey and smelling like one too!) ;)


Thanks for the update and congratulations with the first birthday of your project!  ()flower()
Check my MD:               


As far as beginnings go, that's as humble as they come.  Seeing the region develop has been and will continue to be fun (especially with milemarkers such as the one on the previous page).  I'm sure that you've got a lot of good stuff to show us.

Keep it up!  :thumbsup:
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


wow!  :thumbsup: i cant say i've been visiting right from the very start. but i'm glad to be part of this milestone. :thumbsup: well, i'd like to think i'm a part of it, anyway  :P congratulations and i hope you never get tired of inspiring sc4 devotees. happy birthday to 3rr and i hope it unfolds as you envision it. congratulations again!!!  &apls

EDIT: PS::: just a small typo, maybe. correct me if i'm wrong "$Deal"$
                      #42 - ...and the streams rushing waters cascades over giant rocks and boulders
since the "stream" owns the rushing waters that cascade over giant rocks and boulders, shouldn't it be "stream's" and just "cascade" ? like "...and the stream's rushing waters cascade over giant rocks and boulders"
i'm years removed from my last formal education on sentence construction  :D lol! but, anyway.. again, CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS MILESTONE!!!  &apls


well, when I read that 3RR had been going on for a year I thought this would be my perfect opportunity to make my first post over here at SC4devotion. Congratulations!


 /&HiPP/% ()flower() &dance &dance &dance %BUd%

Happppy Anniversary 3RR
David wonderfull flash back it brought for me and congrats for this special milestone

Your Rhinelanderian Friend


David i do have a question for you in reguards to some of the god / mayor tools you have,
where did you get them and what are they called cause i've been trying to find them and im lost.
hellllllllllp - pat

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One year - this is a beautiful date !
Congratulations !!!!
Excellent work - THANKS !!!!!


We've been talking about collaboration here at 3RR for about the past six months.  Today, on this MD's one-year anniversary, we're finally going to do more than just talk.  This will begin the next major phase of 3RR's development.

There are a number of multiplayer regions out there, and some good ones, too.  I've never participated in one, but I've looked at several fairly carefully and will try to capture the things that seemed to work the best for our collaboration here.  Basically, my concept is this: I will maintain the entire region on my computer up here in Alaska.  As quads are identified for development, I will transfer them along with the basic files to set up a special nine quad development region.  The developer, who I will be calling the "Adiministrator/Planner," will then have a reasonable time to do an initial development of the quad.  Once that happens, the quad will be transferred back to me for incorporation into the region.  The developer will also be able to upload pics and information about the development into the 3RR thread.  Further development can then proceed at the pace the developer would like to set, although I would like to shoot for the region being entirely developed within about six months.  This length of time will likely be adjusted forwards or backwards based on actual experience.

Before a quad is sent out for development, I will complete basic terraforming, forestation with God mode and Mayor mode trees, and the placement of the basic road grid.  A relatively well detailed back story describing the development on the quad will also be provided.  Within the outlines of the back story and a few absolute rules the developer may then develop the quad as he or she would see fit.  I will serve as the central government, and provide regional planning assistance.  I may also impose from time to to time by requiring acceptance of a YIMBY/NIMBY item or facility in a quad...we'll see how that works out.

Here are the rules that will apply across the board:

1.  The Adminstrator/Planner and I will negotiate and agree on the contents of a plug-in folder and mods to be used before development begins.  The developer will be responsible for keeping track of what is used in for describing it to the general public on the 3RR thread.

2.  Road, highway and rail entrance and exit points to and from the quad will not be changed or added to by the developer absent negotiation and agreement with me.

3.  Reforestation after trees are removed in the course of development will utilize trees that are similar to the ones removed.  All deciduous trees will be in the form of seasonal trees wherever practical.

4.  Cycledogg's "Columbus terrain mod" will be used in every quad.

5.  Timotheus4's "Edmonton water mod" and Pegasus' "Brigantine water mod" will be used in every quad where water appears.

6.  Only site or project specific terraforming may be done.  Any terraforming that changes a grid square on the edge of a quad will be done only after negotiation and agreement between the developer and me.

7.  A "Slope mod" will be used that limits maximum rail grades to 3%, maximum elevated highway grades to 5%, maximum highway grades to 7%, maximum avenue and road grades to 10%, and maximum street grades to 12%.

8.  The latest version of the NAM shall be used.

9.  Other standards I announce from time to time will be followed absent negotiation and agreement between the developer and me.

Doesn't sound too bad, eh?

So here's how signing up will work.  In order to develop a quad you will need to select your first, second, and third choices in terms of priority from the following list.  Note that each category is noted with the approximate number of quads that will be available for development.  Remember that some quads may not consist entirely of land that might be available for development (lake/mountain).  Others will have a mix of other development types going on.

1.  Large city CBD and core (two quads).

2.  Large city primarily industrial (two quads).

3.  Large city primarily commercial/warehousing (two quads).

4.  Large city primarily hi-to medium density residential (one quad).

5.  Large city primarily medium-to low density residential (two quads).

6.  Port (two quads).

7.  International airport (one quad).

8.  Upscale suburbia (two quads).

9.  Middle-class suburbia (three quads).

10.  Small city 10-25k (four quads).

11.  Town 1-10k (six quads).

12.  Resort/Island town 1-10k (two quads).

13.  Place/Village <1k (eight quads).

14.  Rural agricultural (ten quads).

15.  Rural regional park (four quads).

16.  Rural nature preserve (two quads).

That's just over 50 of the roughly 150 developable quads in 3RR, but it should give us a nice start.

So, remember, in order to participate, you must make a post here with your selections in order of priority.  You can just do a string of numbers if you would like: i.e. "16, 12, 8" would tell me you wanted to develop first and foremost a rural nature preserve, failing that a resort/island town, and failing those upscale suburbia.  I am hoping that I can afford everyone at least their second choice, and will certainly try to accommodate all wishes fairly.  If you sign on before all the quads are taken, I will guarantee that you will get one to develop.  I will however, be the final decisionmaker in terms of selecting the Administrator/Planner I feel is best suited for the job with respect to specific the specific type of development that is involved.  Again, I have don'e a lot of looking at MDs, CJs and forum comments over the past several years, and I assure you I will be fair, but also firm in my decisions.

Please let me know by accompanying PM if you have any special considerations, like "dial-up" connectivity and the like.  I am committed to making whatever reasonable arrangements we need to in order to get this to work.

If all the quads available for development are not taken within a reasonable time, I will announce the accepting of requests to develop a second quad.  I'd like to have this phase out of the way and all quad administrators/planners identified and ready to go by two weeks from today, the 26th.

Let the selection process begin!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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Okay David,
   I'll be the first to jump in feet first.   Let's say 12, 11, 15.     You know my limitations.    ;)     And away we go.    LMAO


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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Congratulations, David! Let me see, 1 year anniversary, 700 comments and (soon) 10,000 views.  &dance

As for collaboration, I've been hesitating about joining up, for such transfers are complicated. However, I want jump in here with my choices:

#9 Middle class suburbia (preferred)
#14 Rural agricultural

Okay that's all for now. I had more to say, but it's past 2:30 eastern time right now, so I got to get some sleep.

See you later.


Livin in Sim

Well, it's only 11 in Alaska, so still not too late to wish 3RR a Happy Birthday, and say what a great announcement.  I am no where near ready to attempt to join, perhaps on the next 50 quads, or next year, but from a spectator point of view this is extremely cool.  It was strange how this and the 700th post, the 36th page, and the birthday were all on the same day, an alignment of the planets of sorts.  Perhaps I should have purchased a lottery ticket.  Oh, well, anyway, all that excitement might call for...wait for it...a visit from...

...the dancing prospector, a 3RR mountain codger from way back.  I know it's a little hard to tell, but, shoot, is he ever excited about the Rendezvous.



Well, allow me to officially throw my request into the ring: 12, 14, 11 (or 13 depending on how you define a village). Good luck with this. It should prove to be interesting.


This sounds really intriguing, and I'm not entirely certain if I'll be able to join in, but I would really like to.  Here's my preferences:

9, 10, 8

Congratulations again on 1 year of 3RR, and on 700 posts (and congrats Gaston for getting that 700th post).  Also, have you recently checked the forum statistics [linkie]??  3RR is now the No. 1 topic at SC4D in terms of Replies and Views.   :thumbsup:



What an ambitious and complex project ! I've heard some like this are already existing but I don't follow any ...this will be the first . ;)
I can't join it ... firstly , I'll have no time for SC4 for the next 6 months and secondly I already need 3 years , at this rhythm , to achieved my own region .Good luck to all players taking part .

I have to confess that I'm following 3RR  since only 3 months  ... your retrospective was particularly interesting for me ; I need a visit at Simtro .  ;D

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Great Announcemente David!!

I'd like to partecipate in the development of the region, and I would give a try to 14,13,11

Thanks David


Hi David,

What a great idea.
I would have liked to join in the project, but if I am honest I am afraid that I would lack the time (3 kids and looking for a new job). If I may comment once in a while on the development of the project it would be great.

I am realy looking forward seeing 3RR finally grow.



So, it's finally underway. I'm still trying to make up my mind to wether or not I have time to build something. It would certainly be something to remember, I'm sure.

I have a vague memory of a development plan posted somewhere in 3RR but now I can't find it. Would you mind posting it again, so we can see where the delevopment quads are actually located on the map?

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Well, I tried and missed replies 500, 600, and 700...
So no way 10000 views would slip by without at least a try  :)

Congrads on 10000+ David.
And it's great to see the collaboration beginning &apls