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Paris Seine Bridges

Started by xannepan, December 28, 2010, 01:25:41 PM

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Yes... that's right.... here is my first Tram In Road bridge (based on pont Notre Dame). It's fully functional.
On my to do list:
1) Unfortunately, the bridge model is not yet wide enough.. so the car traffic drives right through the bridge side wall  ;D.
Also no room yet for pedestrians. So I'll create a slightly wider bridge model for the TIR version.
2) Building the bridge is a bit of a challenge but not too diffucult. However, I'll need to spend some time on writing instructions with some screenshots (not something I'm particularly looking forward to).

By the way; I saw a reply from choco in this topic... I hope this will inspire him to finish the fantastic bridges he was working on ;)



its certainly nice to see another taking the null by the horns.  :thumbsup:

if only i could BAT like that... :D


Wow, beautiful work!  &apls  This thread keeps getting more interesting all the time!

Assuming that your bridge is placed with the same technique as Choco's TIR bridge I could probably write instructions with screen shots for you--though without your bridge file I would have to show his in the pictures instead of yours.


cant wait to use that bad boy! - lovely!


NEED HELP??? I have been trying for days to get the bridges to appear in-game with no avail. I've downloaded the most recent NAM, downloaded the Essentials file to boot, loaded and reloaded the bridges multiple times. I even made a copy of the NAM folder for Programs/Maxis/Plugins and My Documents/Simcity/Plugins but no success. My best guess is that there is a conflict somewhere. Previous bridges released by the NAM work in my city but no others. No other trouble shooting suggestions and I've been back and forth between SC4D and Simtropolis. If anyone can spare the time it would be greatly appreciated.


I suggest that you take everything out of your pluggin folder except for the NAM download and than add in this bridge down load only and see if it works.  When it does, you'll know for sure it works.  Now you slowly add back in your pluggin folder, each time you try the game and this bridge no longer works you'll know that it was the last addition that is the problem.  Now you remove file by file until the bridge works again.

I hope that helps.

Call me Robin, please.


Hmm, my best guess is that either:

1. Have an older version of a bridge (typically Fukuda's) downloaded from the STEX and that's causing a conflict--solution: remove old bridge and install updated version from the LEX


2. You've installed an older version of NAM essentials, overriding the updated NAM's controller files (BTW if you're running the current NAM there is no reason to install any essentials)--solution: remove NAM and reinstall most recent version. Leave the essentials out.

Hope that helps. There shouldn't be any conflict with these bridges and any other NAM-compatible, publicly-released bridges.