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Kitsune's Bridge Coding Thread

Started by Kitsune, August 13, 2018, 05:35:08 PM

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I will start this off that I can not bat or model, let alone make a stick figure. However, I can code ... so if you can BAT a bridge, I can get it into the game. This thread will cover my bridge coding efforts, and anyone that may need guidance on batting a bridge can post here too.

BTW, some of the current NAM Bridges can be modded to fit other networks. This is one of the successful prototypes and should make it into NAM 37. :)

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Oh that's just wonderful. It's been a while since new (road) bridges made it into the game. Thx a lot!

If I remember correctly, there's a nice looking vanilla highway bridge that cries to be converted into a MHO variant. But as you already said, only some bridges are convertible, right?





Really nice work on this! :)
I will enjoy building these bridges... :) ;)

- Tyberius
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This is quite important to have a coder like you as a part of all this...

it is an honor really that you can do this   :thumbsup:


Thanks for nice NRD-4 bridges!  :thumbsup: Please make many more NRD-4 plus other NWM road bridges!  &apls :bnn:
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Do any of the NWM networks have bridges yet? If not, then that's a start.
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Quote from: Wiimeiser on August 14, 2018, 11:14:08 PM
Do any of the NWM networks have bridges yet? If not, then that's a start.

The RD-4 and RD-6 each have a single bridge, IIRC, but that's it.  Those were added back in NAM 34 (the one we actually managed to land on Christmas Day back in 2015), courtesy of eggman121

This NRD-4 bridge here--which looks amazing--will be the third NWM bridge. :thumbsup:



Currently working on a one tile Cable Stay... its currently path for RHW-2 however still needs a fair bit of work to be done. Big thank you to noahclem for the texture!

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