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Show us your...Intersections

Started by sanantonio, January 23, 2007, 05:17:32 PM

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Or even something like this that Alex showed us how to do a few years ago.  Love this feature and it truly does make a true "T Interchange" functional.  Only wish we could put wider networks across.


That one should definitely be a QC Express...
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A work in progress. RHWx magic!


Nice, very nice.

Only thing i would change if it were me, I would make the elevated RHW4 that does the 90degree curve as MIS instead, so the exit for the diagonal MIS look safer.  If it's possible of course.
It's just my two cents, i don't like the exits that are straight like that without any merging area. :)
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Awesome work! I imagine that took quite a while to make...I know I sure went googly-eyed trying to follow each individual lane around the screen  ?=mad)=


Thanks! art128, I agree about adding room to merge in the future. We may eventually have support for that particular inside flex ramp at that level soon. For now, those Sims will have to get out of each other's way.  :D

Expanded on the last interchange a bit. This interchange is actually inspired by an interchange at 75 and 696 in Detroit, although the actual interchange has a four-level crossing as opposed to my more Tex-ified three-level crossings:

Throwing in some Texas Turnarounds for good measure:

To the west of this interchange, there's a three-way interchange with some additional frontage support:

And down the way, a DDI with Texas Turnarounds. Somewhat unnecessary given the traffic flow of a DDI. Regardless, it provides some congestion relief.

Actually, TX-DOT is planning to build more DDIs and SPUIs in the future. Of course, we can't do anything without frontage roads, so they actually look a lot like the last pic.  ::)

Some fun examples if you're interested:
Here are some plans for what we call a "Modified SPUI" with frontage roads and Texas Turnarounds:  :P

And of course, here's our take on the frontage DDI:

Fun stuff!



It's truly amazing to see what you can get out of the RHW with patience, creativity and talent.  :thumbsup:


A pretty basic quaint Y-split :)

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Making things hard on myself per usual...


Quite smooth looking! Good work  :thumbsup:
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Some random interchanges I have lying around on my disk. Most of them are relatively basic compared to some monsters I had done in my past.

I'll start with a ... cloverleaf. Simple as it might look, it was quite painful to build. This one has a maximal length of only 22 tiles. In fact, I dare you to make an even smaller 100% RHW based 4-way full interchange.  ()flamdev()

Here is a 3-way that I like for its simplicity and for managing building something not entirely grade separated for a change.

And now I even begin to cheat. Who can spot those 4 practically invisible non-RHW lots?  ;D

Ok, ok; back to valid interchanges. How about a 2-level whirlpool?

A night shot for a change.

Technically this is a roundabout interchange, but if you pretend to not being able to change any lanes while in the rotary part (it's forbidden by law!) it turns into a whirlpool.

I can't leave without showing a >4-way interchange, now can I?  :D

It's redundant, it's redundant. (R.E. Dundant)


My CJ :

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Wow! The first one indeed look quite compact. I could have such one in my region, thanks for showing the path  ;)
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Couple turbines zoomed in and out

Not all directions fully used yet... need some more growth to the south.

(no generators. Some proof if you need it:)

Click for full size


My most complicated 3-way interchange

Glad that it gets full usage after all that effort



Here are a couple T-interchanges I created for my newest city tile. This large tile will consist of two small "twin cities".

In this picture above, the main E-W highway (fictional I-10) intersects with the rural section of a spur highway (I-710) that will travel southwards to the downtown/ industry port of city 1. 

This interchange is located in city 2 and is where the main E-W highway (I-10) meets the main N-S (fictional I-15) highway. The two highways merge and the multiplex (I-10/I-15) continues into the next tile towards the north.   


Nice work everyone. Very nice, clean design @opkl  &apls



That's how I try to do my interchanges too, with FAR ramps. The standard ramps are too sharp for my taste.
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Here's a new interchange + basketweave I've made using the new tools provided in NAM 37 and 38. While I admit it's less compact than I wanted it to be, I hope to revisit this one eventually for a makeover.