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choco's attempts at BATing bridges

Started by choco, June 03, 2008, 09:18:33 AM

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Quote from: choco on February 14, 2012, 04:17:27 AM

then there was a couple things i stumbled on that i had completely forgot about....

wow, i did not think such a bridge was possible! what are the chances that this gets released? It is amazing work!
I noticed this thread has been quiet for a while, i am wondering if you are still active, you should try your hand at a ddrhw bridge  ;)


Top notch! I'd love to see some more OWR bridges though, the game could really use those. In fact, an OWR bridge with RHW-4 textures would fit the bill pretty well.


Hi, I don't know if this is the right place for requests, but anyway I'd like to post these ideas to discuss:

1. "simple" avenue bridge drawn with GLR median, xannepan made a GLR-in-road so this must be possible too (1st pic)


2. NWM AVE6/TLAVE6 (3 tiles wide) GLR bridge (2nd pic); this could be tricky, basicly the middle road ends before the bridge (3rd pic), then you make two bridges with a space between them (4th pic), the trick is: these bridges have overhanging graphics (5th pic) marked as red area on picture. Both bridges could be transport enabled for cars and trams like xannepans GLR-in-road bridge. Tram-automata probably can't drive trough, but tram-traffic should.


Any thoughts on that?


Quote from: megabalta on January 15, 2013, 03:40:48 AM
Any thoughts on that?

Yeah; It's unfortunately impossible to even make a three-tile bridge, and filling in the area with overhangs wouldn't work because you're cutting down capacity. Additionally, moving the paths for GLR to fit your setup would require a wonky transition.

There are other ways to implement a three-tile bridge, but none of those methods have been experimented with yet.
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The "simple" bridge you suggest first has been under consideration. Saying it "must be possible" is a bit dangerous though because Xannepan's bridge worked with el-rail, not avenue or another 2-tile network. The good news is that I was speaking with Choco right before his last disappearance and he thought that his prototype (avenue-based, tradition non-o-slope-based) TIA bridge was functional but that it just appeared in the congestion map as functionless. He asked if I would like to test it to confirm but then left before he had the chance to pass it on. As an aside, the further good news on that is that other dual network, dual tile bridges previously not thought possible should also be then (think dual deck including rail or monorail). But I can't say for sure because I never got it to confirm it worked.

For the wider options I think it would be much better implemented as a 3-tile, 0-slope based setup which should be entirely feasible. That would not only avoid the problem of your automata going for a swim but also make capacities right and make it functional for trams. I've done a decent bit of playing around with what I call TIA-6 and came to the conclusion that basing it off of the existing networks of GLR and OWR3 (or possibly half of a RD-6), along with a set of specialized TIA-6 TuLEPs would be a better way to go than starting a whole new network like that from scratch. But I digress. Such a bridge would certainly be a nice thing to have.


Aren't two or three adjacent tile bridges (from 1 tile wide networks) nearly impossible to make? (Or at least that's what I've read)


Yes, adjacent bridges are impossible to make using conventional methods. Employing the type of trick used for diagonal bridges makes them possible though.


Sounds good to me. Thanks for your thoughts.


I came across this image, it would be nice to have that in game, but as Choco has been MIF for nearly a year, I don't know if anybody else could put this up.  :(


Even better, a road bridge with rails in the road deck. Very common as far as I know.



The bridge is neat, :o but in real life is a road+str one, to use in game it will be better as a tram-in-road bridge.
It's only a suggestion.
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excuse me can you make a drawbridge please thank you


First off, choco has been inactive for about three years, and this thread has been dead for over two years.  Bumping a thread like this is generally frowned-upon behavior on internet forums.

Additionally, drawbridges are simply not possible in SC4. 

Thread locked.  If choco ever returns, I'll unlock the thread upon his request.