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Wuhan tianxingzhou changjiang river bridge

Started by SANYE, January 11, 2009, 07:34:16 PM

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I 'm building this brighe now
The Bridge is a simulation produced
I hope I can gain NAM team technical support  to complete the bridge,thank you~! :)
The main profile is as follows
1, are large-span bridges: Wuhan Tianxing Chau Bridge in today's world of dual-use rail-span cable-stayed bridge in the first, the main span of up to 504 meters. In our country realized the dual-rail bridge from the main span of 300 meters to 500 meters-class leap.

2, structural payload weight: Wuhan Tianxing Chau Bridge is the world's first of a four-lane railway built by the large-span cable-stayed bridge of dual-use passenger and freight rail, can carry 20,000 tons of load, is the world's largest load public iron bridge.

3, high-speed operation: the high and low speed directly reflects the level of bridge construction technology, Wuhan Tianxing Island Bridge is China's first high-speed railway operators to meet the large-span cable-stayed. After the opening, the train speed of the target up to 200 km / h, cars up to 80 km / hr.

4, supporting facilities: In order to give full play to the role of new railway +hightway bridge will synchronize Wuhan railway station building and ancillary functions, capacity-strong passenger service and preparation facilities.

5, strong environmental protection measures: Wuhan Tianxing Chau Bridge Railway seamless use of all of the laying of lines, noise-sensitive points near the sound barrier, the implementation of the bridge vibration, special sections, such as landscape design to consider comprehensive environmental protection measures.


It looks like you have a good start. If you have not done so already, I suggest you look at Jeronij's bridge making tutorials, they will give you a good basic idea of how bridges are modelled and modded for the game and gives a set of IDs to test your model with. Right now, there is not presently 4 track rail  in the game yet, and I am not sure how to make two tracks (with two separate entrances) function as one bridge. However, it should work with the basic rail tracks already in the game.

Research has been done in an attempt to allow two network types to function on a single bridge, but to my knowledge it is not currently possible, so it would have to be rail or high speed rail (which is based on the monorail network).

If you have any questions about how to mod the bridge, please ask and we'll try to help. Good luck with this project.


Sounds like another great bridge modeling project in the works , i'll keep my eye on it  :)



 but in some places do not connect
4 Bridge towers


The use of the former first NetworkAddonMod_Controller.dat's ini files
Followed by a period:
57 = 0x6534284a, 0xa82ca30f, 0x55500000, WuHan Tianxinghzou highway bridge added SANYE


Hello SANYE,

i tried to test your bridge, but unfortunately, it is causing some problem. 

here's a few observations:

1. the exemplar ID you use (TGI 0x6534284a 0xa82ca30f 0x55500000) has been previously reserved for the NAM rural street bridge.  this can cause conflicts.....

2. there was no LTEXT or Icon file included.....not quite sure how you got it to work.  it prevented me from drawing any highway bridges until i added a generic icon and LTEXT.

3. please check this tutorial on how to get rid of the glitches between pieces.  i also have the same Z problem that you have.  i'd check the model file to ensure the top of bridge deck is 15.5m (someone correct me if thats wrong). 

4. the model file doesn't show it, but i have no idea about this little artifact..... 

as a small suggestion, i would model the cables separately, and add them in later via T21 exemplar.  it makes the LOD much easier to construct, and it will not prevent to see trains on the bridge.   :)  if you need some help, i will gladly be of assistance. 

overall; i think it a great first try, and will be a great addition to the game.  it takes a bit to get the bugs worked out.....look forward to the progress.   :thumbsup:


thanks Q ´╝îThere are many files does not create yet
Some things need to  :)


hello again SANYE!

i make a few changes to the bridge attached above.  you will find it attached to this post.  i included a custom icon, and changed the exemplar ID so you can test without conflicts.  there is also a picture that highlights the pieces needed to construct the entire concept you have described.

i would like to help if you continue this bridge.  i have some suggestions if you are interested.   :)

for anyone else, this bridge is not pathed, so its only eyecandy at this point....


WOW! I really don't want to bump this thread, but just have to. Is this project still on? Come on, it has to be. It's an awesome bridge. =)