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RHW (RealHighway) - Development and Support

Started by Tarkus, April 13, 2007, 09:10:49 PM

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I am so excited!!! Now my interchanges can have proper entrance ramps.


I am having trouble using the new D3. It looks like I will have to redesign my stack interchange somewhat to accommodate the fact that there is no RHW-6S S-Curve. The RHW-10S that I was using, employed an F-2 which enabled me to employ a FA curve to connect to the converged lanes coming off the flyover. I spent some time working on the redesign last night, and I couldn't get it to work on account of the fact that the 45 degree Flex-Fly has to have some space between it and the mainlanes. ::)

Ulisse Wolf

Although late with the announcement but I did a Live Streaming Tutorial on RHW starting from the basic concepts up to the most complex concepts. Here is the link of the live streaming Tutorial



Here's my first video in over 6 months. Includes some new RHW components... including the 12S!


I Absolutely LOVE Fractional angles!!! I look forward to the day when I see a preview of Flex-FARHW. I have been looking forward to it for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.

One thing is for certain; if I ever see Haljackey in my rear view mirror, I'll be sure to get outt his way! Sure is nice to have those 12S highways. I look forward to seeing you widen some of the exiting highways in your region. Looks like some of them could use it.