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September 18, 2021, 07:56:30 PM

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Author Topic: TTC's Challenge 6a - Intermission or Growth  (Read 1909 times)

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Offline TheTeaCat

TTC's Challenge 6a - Intermission or Growth
« on: July 06, 2009, 12:49:06 PM »

"Smythe........Get in here!"



"Where are you? Can't you hear me calling?"

"Excuse me Sir"
"'s what is it?"
"Smythe's not here, you gave him the week off, can I help in some way?"
"Wasn't he due back today?"
"Well, technically yes, but....."
"How come I feel I won't like this....But?"
"He said he was having such a great time that he is extending his stay and will be back on the 18th. Sir."
"He what? Not on my account he's not, I'll have some explaining to do as it is giving him a weeks all expenses paid vacation. No way!"
"But sir, he said you'd understand as he found some great new flavours of tea for you, and he was going to pay for the rest of the break himself"
"Oh. Well that's fine then. Right you better be able to make a good cuppa lad"
"That's not a problem Sir..... would you like one?"
"Thought you'd never ask, Yes please. And find out what intermezzo means while your at it, good lad"

"Here you go Sir and intermezzo means interval in Italian Sir."
"Interval - that's like a break isn't it. That's what I thought but look at this fax here from the Guv'nor hissself.

   "You will have to increase your region-population to over 125,000 (Resident's)
   and need at least one (1) citytile (anyone) with a population of a minimum of
   40,000 sims (Resident's).If you already have more than this, then partially this is
   done for you.We also need to have an approximately 20 % of your region filled with agriculture"

And here was I looking forward to having a few days off too, seems that we are not going to get a break coz it seems we got to get the population up a bit in the region so it looks like you better get to it it then Smythe sorry Peter's"

"Well off you go then and if you need me I'll be at the summer house till the weekend, See you Monday for the results"

"Mr Mayor?"
"Yes Peter's?"
"Those pics you wanted for the Guv'nor, I have them here"
"Well let me see then"

"The Regional Pic showing the population has reached 131,196, Sir"

"Good work son!"

"Next Sir is the Transportation map as requested."

"Looks good to me!"

"And lastly Sir a picture of Esperance"

"Well seems that you managed pretty well what with Smythe out of the office, I'll remember that for the future.
Good job lad, tell you what you've impressed me over the last few days, why don't you go and see if Smythe has left my place in good order, take the rest of the week off and put it all my account."

"You mean that Sir?"
"Shoo, vamoose, get outta here, oh just one thing.......get someone in the office out there to make me a cuppa as you go by"

"Right now to fax these off to the Guv'nor. Hope he likes 'em"

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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