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January 29, 2023, 04:22:27 AM

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Robin tries to BAT.....

Started by rooker1, August 27, 2009, 12:38:33 PM

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Looks great Robin.

There is one thing with the textures. They are a bit repetition.


 &apls &aplsn  Great idea my friend . it`s gonna be a very use bat this one . keep it up  :thumbsup:


Looks great, though it probably isn't nearly as secure as Cal's Feel Good Inc.  ;D


Very nice, but is it a jail? :thumbsup:

Guillaume ;)
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This is a big project, and so far it is looking good. Like Vester said your wall texture is a bit too repetitive. Should maybe try to do some more work on it.


Wow what a difference  &apls
Looks really good and I have to concur with the others about the texture ;)
They are the thing I have the trouble with also  ::) but I'm sure we both get plenty of help in sorting them out.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops :thumbsup:

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I like it Robin. Now that you have a blueprint of sorts to consult things should move soomther and quicker. The textures don't look too bad, but there is some repetition that could be dealt with (something for a later time perhaps) but it's a prison. It wasn't designed to avoid repetition or to be visually dynamic, at least, I don't think they are... at any rate, I'll keep an eye out for the next progress pic you happen to get. Until then, take it easy.


Aha! that prison is grimy and imposing--so far it looks wonderful. Will it have a scruffy dry moat and be surrounded with a high wall and concertina wire too? Very forbidding start  ;)

Though the textures are repetitive, the colors and textures of the textures (if that makes any sense) are perfect. great work, apparently you're a natural at the bat.


Thank you all so much.
I know I need to do some work on the textures still but this is where I am at today with this liltte project.

Still more alot more details to add.  I plan to do something for the roof line.  Still need to add in the ground floor doors and smaller front buildings.....I think I'll make these props.
I hate the roof texture.....I'll need to look for something else.  Unless you all think it's okay.  Maybe I'll try a tar paper texture.

Thoughts are more than welcome please do.

Robin  :)
Call me Robin, please.


Too much repetition in your textures I'm afraid Robin. Have a look for some tileable ones.... is a good resource.  Failing that, make the texture fit the model.  For example, if you look at the lower wall, make a texture that fits right the way across without needing to tile it.  You will need to use a decent photo editor to do that.
The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it


Re: the roofs, the texture isn't a winner, and they're too flat for such a large, old building. Each block should at least have a low coping wall. And perhaps some large, long, grungy skylights to get light inside, a bit like older factories. For the coping walls, you could even make crenellations (like medieval towers) by extending the grey piers a bit higher--this is a common motif on older prisons. Also, on the upper right corner, you might think of adding a 2-floor square block that would serve as an observation tower.

Prisons with crenellations: and

And some that look remarkably like yours: and (tightrope walker optional)


Robin WOW!!! I am at a loss for words here... You are doing a darn great job here with batting and I know with great advice your getting you will get that prison just right!!! I will back in for more...

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Thanks Lee for the link to  It seems now you have to be a member of the thread.  So I have joined...pain in the butt that was.  But in the end I am a member and made a friend on the site and he has directed me to some very cool tutorials on tiling, mirroring and resizing textures.  I am trying to get permission to post these tutorials here.

And a big thanks to everyone else that has stopped by with thier opinion and to just take a look at my fumblings in BAT.

So the prison has got me down a wee bit.  It's over all size and stuff.  So maybe I should have gone so big....and maybe I shouldn't be working from my mind on the first few projects I do.  So I have taken all this to heart on moved the prison to the back burner and started on something that I have some a few pictures of and I clearer end in sight.

First I would like to thank Lynn for the picture.

And this is where I am at.

I am up to any kind of comments and I do need a lot of help.  So anything that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.
And since I am in the thanking mood....I would like to thank Matt and Shaun for answering all my questions on MSN over the last month or so.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Already some details, only in the door...  :P :thumbsup:
Can't wait to see more progress on it..
Take care,
-Arthur.  :thumbsup:
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Nice details, but I think your scale is off. If you have the grid set to 1 meter increments (which you should), then those doors are 3 meters wide, each.... Hmmmm...Narrow them a bit, and then they should look better proportioned.
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Hey Robin I noticed where I highlighted in Red there some miss alinement's or glitch's? Otherwise liking what I see!!!

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Those glitches won't be visible in the game, they're to small to be rendered  ;)
This is becoming quite a big building Robin! I like the textures, but the roof textures could be a bit darker, maybe with some dirt as you did on the walls. Apart from that it's great  :thumbsup:


You've heard most of my thoughts on it already, but I'll second SimGoober with the scale thing. I have seen 7ft wide doors before that are that massive, but I think, looking at the reference pic you posted bringing it down to 2m wide might work better. You'll get a better idea of that as the rest of the building develops too. Nice work.


OK thank you Merijn for letting me know  ;D

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie