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September 28, 2022, 10:30:30 PM

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Windows, Macintosh and train station capacities

Started by Zelgadis, February 20, 2008, 07:40:12 PM

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Dear Custom Content makers and other interested parties,

Some of you know that I've been doing research on an issue regarding train and bus station capacities and how they differ between Mac and Windows.  The central issue appears to be this:

Transit switch entry cost
Transit switch traffic capacity

I've never made a train station or bus station before, so I don't know what the default values are for these two things.  In the last few years, it seems that most stations have both entries with a rep count of "1."  On Windows, this appears to work fine.  But on Mac, this value sets the capacity to 1/1000 of proper size.  A station with a true capacity of 8000, for example, will appear on the Mac as 8.  Of course, that's too low.  When the rep counts are set to "0," the stations work on Mac.

I have modified a few stations and uploaded the modifications to the STEX with the blessings of the creators.  (Mas71 and Brenda_Xne) 

I have a working theory on this.  My theory is that having a rep count of "1" works on Windows but not Mac.  This is verified.  I believe that having a rep count of "0" will work on both Windows and Mac.  This is the part that I have not verified.  I was wondering if there is anyone who either knows whether or not this is true or is willing to test to see if it is true.

I developed this theory after Star.Torturer tested the Mac versions on his Windows machine and confirmed that the stations are working correctly.  (Except for Brenda_Xne's MEBSP station, but that's a whole different can of worms :P

Any feedback on this issue is most appreciated.  :)  This topic is going to go into ST as well for maximum response, I hope.  ST and SC4D together contain the best SC4 minds out there, so I think we'll be able to figure this out.  ;D



I already answered at ST, but I think the majority of custom content creators here is aware of the problem and how to fix it, so I don't need to copy my answer over here. :)


Ah, that's good to know.  ;D  I must have hit an unlucky patch where just about every station I downloaded needed a rep count fix.  I was beginning to think that there might be a conspiracy going on or something.   :D



Ah, one more note.  :)

I do know that there are other stations by various members which also contain this bug.  I also understand that most of you are quite busy and have don't have the time to go back to old works and fix them.

I am willing to do that.  To anyone station creator who requests it, I will be very happy to go and fix the stations and relieve them of the Mac Bug. 

After I do that, I will do one of two things:

I can deliver the fixed file back to you and you can upload it at your leisure.


I can upload the file myself in the manner of your choosing.  (Ex: partial file with link to main file or full file; again, it's up to you)

If anyone has requests for me to do this, let me know and I'll get on it.  :)



Quote from: Zelgadis on February 28, 2008, 12:36:31 PM
To anyone station creator who requests it, I will be very happy to go and fix the stations and relieve them of the Mac Bug. 

Thanks! :thumbsup:
I hope there aren't that many stations out there still having the Mac Bug though... ::)

FYI, all stations modded with the "X" Tool do get a Transit Switch Capacity rep count of 0. ;)


Well, there were a few from back in the day.  Luckily, it seems that I hit a bad patch all at once, so the problem isn't as serious as I thought.  :)

I am going to go back and check some of Deadwoods stuff.  I remember that the monorail station he made with the raised park series had the bug.  That was a long time ago though, and I don't know if it still does...