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Alex' Belgian BAT Thread

Started by alex_bervoets, May 16, 2011, 10:33:00 AM

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Hi Alex,
like You wrote, first property is 0 and for the maximum i take 90, then it will go with every slope. As long as it is a field, park or path i use these values.

And i have not seen this little issue with the height before You mentioned it.  ;)
Greetz, Carl


Seems to work...  :thumbsup:

Does anybody know how to rotate the tiles in the game? I've seen parks that can be rotated with the Tab-key, but how do you do that?


do you mean rotate as in rotate the tiles themselves? Because that can be done with the home/end keys on your keyboard. If you meant rotate in as in making a tab-ring, I think the NAM-Team would be your best bet for help with regards to that.
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Quote from: WC_EEND on January 05, 2012, 12:27:47 PM
If you meant rotate in as in making a tab-ring, I think the NAM-Team would be your best bet for help with regards to that.

According to Maarten, this is only possible for transit lots... Too bad, so we'll have to do without it (better empty that parks menu  ;))


Great progress. On the draft export pic the building seems a little low. How high is the ceiling from your building? For simcity 4 it should be 4.5 meters high. If you have made a real-world sized building you can scale the z-axis 133%. This will overcome the problem.

Your garden is great BTW.



Hi Alex,

About the texture of your path. I am not sure, because I cannot see very clear details on the images. But my question is: isn't there already some BSC or CP texture that does almost exactly the same as your path? That might spare you the time to do it again...


New laptop, so finally a high export to the game...

Problem: the grass is gone and is replaced by the concrete... I had the same problem with the townhall. Why does PIM-x does this? Any ideas?

Anyhow, it's a little bigger than the previous one, compared to the trees, how does it look?

@Frank: I'll see if I can find those paths, thanks


Hi Alex,
it is wonderful, and the scale looks good - compared with the tiny maxis buildings and trees. Normally i use a s a standard for scaling things in SC4 the KWK small town set and Xannepans Paris buildings. They fit together and are often used if people play Euro style.
Away from that: do You use high graphic settings in SC4D? Some overlay textures disappear in low graphics and then You only see the base textures.
Greetz, Carl


Hi Alex,

I downloaded your Castle of Ooidonk and it looks beautiful! The scale seems very good to me. The garden is beautiful and there is only one remark: you did not mod verything nivcely. In the landmarks menu the castle is called "Custom ploppable" that's a pity.
Maybe you correct these flaws and upload the improved castle together with the BATs in parts upload that you have promised?



Ah thank you Frank...
I'll fix the description as soon as possible.

I'll add it to the prop-pack ;)
Any good advices, I've never made props?


Hi Alex,
You can take the PIMX for this. Look for Your model in the folder "standard" and take it over to the left side to props. Then it will make a prop from Your model file. There are a lot of them, i normally make a building as prop without wealth from every modelfile.
Hope that helps,
greetz, Carl


Hi guys,
I'll be away from batting for a while... We will be moving to our new house sooner then expected and since I'll have to do a lot of real-life "batting" I won't have time left to BAT.   &mmm
I'm going to finish the prop-version of the castle and I'll be visiting the BNL-forum to help offcourse.

Thank you all for the help on the castle, it's a nice BAT to start my break from batting  &apls
If everything goes as planned, I'll be back after the summer of 2012


OK, take care! Everyone here has a time where RL occupies most of the time, so it's nothing you really have to worry about. We'll be there when you have time again (in your new house) ;)
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OK, Alex,

Succes with your new BAT or Lotting work. We won't be able to help you out here, although if you upload images...? If there's something we can do: you know where to find us.  ;)


good luck building your real life castle, nothing virtual will ever beat that.