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Benelux Estate Agency

Started by mave94, February 11, 2013, 11:43:22 AM

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Hello devotees and welcome to the Benelux Estate Agency. Come in! Here you will see houses which are available from the Netherlands and Belgium. Makelaar is the Dutch word for estate agency. You can expect here the typical Dutch rowhouses, but also villas from the Netherlands and Belgium, modern buildings and historic buildings. You can view the buildings which are currently available below. Click on the advertisement to go to the download page.


Original name for the topic, I like it ;D

RIP Adrian (adroman), you were a great friend

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Well, actually, we do have two estates available:
- Het Strijkijzer: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28280-haguean-flatiron-apartments/
- Mahoniehout Appartementen: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27976-bnl-mahoniehout-apartments/

I think you've forgotten about those ;)
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That's right, I completely forgot them. I have added them to the opening post.



Dear customer,

We present you a BNL project that will be available soon.

The aerial shows you the location:Amelandseplein in Rotterdam.
For a good view on the front facades you need to rotate the view once into the left direction.

Do you want one? Or maybe the whole row?
Please inspect the premises.

Mave94 made the model, FrankU did the lotting.




As you can see one unit contains three storeys. In the center you see the collective staircase that gives access to the upper apartments. So we have six apartments in one unit, containing an average of 7,83 inhabitants each, this being the average family size in Rotterdam today.
One whole units houses 47 sims.

The lots are not yet available, because we want your opinion on them.

We have prepared three lots at the moment:
R$_1x1, stage 5
R$_1x2, stage 4
R$_1x3, stage 3

All CAMified stats.
Two common dependencies: BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 and BSC_MEGA_PropPack_CP_Vol01

So, please, are these apartments to your liking? Or do we need to persuade you by adding nicer gardens, new kitchen interiors, a free bicycle maybe, or a front yard? A parking lot in front, perhaps? Please give us your opinions, so that we can offer you value for money.

Matthijs and Frank


Oh! Those are great! We find rowhouses almost everywhere nowadays and they do look like this, even in America.
Great work! Looking forward to see more from you.