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007's B.A.T.ing Room

Started by peter007, October 04, 2010, 03:48:08 AM

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Tomas Neto

BAT size 1x1!!!   :thumbsup:
Very nice work my friend!!!


The small cell tower buidling looks very convincing. The next time you do one you may think about adding a small generator and fuel tank. Sites used by emergency services will usually have some standby power.

- Jim

Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Another 1x1 BAT

These are walls like the ones of deadwood. And i'm trying to make them so that you can place them against a hill from 8 metres high. As you also can do this with his walls. There will be a stairs, normal, radio tower, shop, another stair, watch platform, end & curves tile.

What do you think

If someone has some critic please post it because i'm not really far on this point


I tested the straight tiles and this came out

Do you like it?


Very much progress on my walls.
I think that the straight section is ready now.

I've only a little bus bug on my lot  :-[


Those walls look great!  &apls

There are definitely not enough options for vertical or near-vertical walls in SC4 so this would be an especially welcome addition. I think I prefer the first ones which have a little extra space on the top part--that would be nice when placed adjacent to networks with narrow sidewalks (3-lane 2-tile networks, MAVE-6, Tram-in-Ave, etc). My knowledge of BATting is pretty meager but would it be possible to use prop families for a little more variety?

Also, would these be usable only on exactly 8m slopes or 8m or higher/lower?

I look forward to seeing how this progresses  :thumbsup:


First a replie to noahclem; Thanks, my pack is ready and I will show it next year   :party: . And I will add some extra space on the top if I could find the sidewalk textures of maxis. And yes they are for exact 8 meter slopes  ()stsfd()
Now the update. I created an new BAT which is a little bit like Michailovski-Castle. It's a very big lot and I don't know if I should split it up or just go on with it.
Here's a pic of it

What do you think. Of course I'm going to texture the whole BAT but that's the last part of my job.


looks really good peter!
really good indeed &apls
the only thing that i think is a bit odd are the placements of the fireplaces(or chimneys).
are they randomly placed or is it like that in real life aswell?

further more it looks fantastic!
keep 't up! &apls :thumbsup:

Aaron Graham

These look really good, keep it up. :thumbsup:
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Keep it up, those walls are great!
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Very ambitious projects, can't wait to see them develop!


QuoteWhat do you think

The model looks pretty good. There are too many trees in that screen grab though ... making evaluation tough.  :D

Good Luck

- Jim

Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Model looks promising  :thumbsup:

wait for the work about textures  :)
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Wow very much replies. Thanks to all. I'm very busy with school this time. so I'm not very active these days ,although I'm visiting this forum almost every day.

Thanks for your compliment. I just adapted the chimneys in my buildings. They are now beautiful lined up.

@Aaron Graham
Still active? You're welcome

Thanks serebii never seen you before, hope you will stay on this forum  ()stsfd()

Well if DCmetro it says  ;) You're a good BATter

Thanks for the evaluation. The last model was good, wasn't it? (without the buses  :P)

Work on the texture? Do you wanna see how I make my textures or something. Yes I know my english is just 4th grade Dutch class sooo... But thanks for the compliment


Hi folks. I've got an update again.

You may know that i made an palace and the exterior is done. I've only got to texture the great thing, which propably will take several issues with it.  &mmm But I'm satisfied with the concept right now. Here are the pics ;

And i'm going to build something do you know what?

And with the last; Do you think the textures are right and nice?


Ernst, how about the famous "Gare de Lyon" ?



With the modern hotel on the right side
babuloziwad / adj Above perfection in SC4; Dude, this MOD is ~ !


I made a big language mistake

I said ; And i'm going to build something do you know what?

but I had to say; This is my new project do you know what it will be? Make your guess.

Sorry Une_Ame. But I think you wanna see Gare du lyon and you're lucky because i'm taking requests. So maybe once I will make it for ya.

But now I need your opinion.
Should it be an Hotel or just an residential?

There's going to be a lobby under it because people can't go in it now  ()lurker().
And maybe I will add an balcony. And surely some airconditing items


may it be ( a very small part of ) habitat 69?


you don't mean this I hope  $%Grinno$%


Hey Peter

I like that triangle building. It's very unique.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)